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What Weed Makes you Sleepy?

Cannabis that helps you sleep

Cannabis can be a great resource to aid in sleeplessness. Whether you have insomnia, or just want to catch up on some sleep, cannabis strains can help get you to bed with ease. However, it is important to choose the right strain. No one wants to get ready for bed only to consume a cannabis strain that keeps them awake and restless. To get a sleepier, more relaxed high, you should be consuming indica strains rather than sativa strains.


Indica, is a cannabis plant, that grows strains helping with relaxation. Indica strains can relax your body and mind, helping you fall asleep easier. Along with relaxation, indica is known to decrease nausea and pain. Indica can also help increase your appetite and dopamine level.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that, when increased, can make you feel happier and less anxious. Indica is a better nighttime choice than sativa, which will give you more of an energized high.

Indica strains are known to cause a relaxing body high. Because indicia strains give users an extreme feeling for relaxation they are great to consume to assist in falling asleep. So if you are having issues falling asleep make sure to pick up an Indica strain.


All strains can be consumed in various ways, depending on your preference. You can find indica flower to smoke, indica vape cartridges, indica edibles, etc. The level of sleepiness you may feel from indica, can vary depending on the specific indica strain you choose. Some indica strains can make you especially sleepy. Whether you want a mellow, sleepy high or you want to be knocked out, here are some great strains to check out:


God’s Gift is a strain that will also make you relaxed, but give you a more happy than sleepy high. If you would like to stay up a little longer to enjoy your high and then sleep well after, this strain is for you. Also, this is a good strain for users who want a mellower high rather than immobilizing one. Other symptoms God’s Gift can help with are PMS and migraines. God’s Gift pairs well with nighttime conversations with fellow cannabis users, or a good movie. 


Granddaddy Purple has effects focused on relaxation and sleepiness giving both a body and head high. GDP should be consumed at nighttime or with the hopes of resting. It can help with stress, anxiety, pain, and muscle spasms. You may experience a slow onset from GDP, but when it hits you might be “couch-locked”. It would be best to avoid this strain if you have to be in a social setting.


Purple Platinum is another great choice for a high that will relax you and make you sleepy.

But be careful with this strain, the munchies will hit hard. If you don’t like to munch, you may want to consider locking your fridge. For those, looking to increase their appetite, this is a great choice. You may want to pick up some snacks beforehand, and get cozy.


Northern Lights promotes body relaxation but will also give you a mental high. Mental high’s can be fun at night when you are looking to be relaxed but also entertained by something like a movie. It can help a lot with chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. Northern Lights may give you more of a immobilizing high, so it’s best to stay at home and avoid choosing this strain when you have to get things done. Like Purple Platinum, Northern Lights will make you hungry, providing a remedy for medical issues such as anorexia. Smoke some Northern Lights, put on some netflix and chill before drifting into a peaceful sleep.


Death Star OG is known for calming effects, easing pain, and helping users fall asleep. You can expect to wake up feeling well-rested after consuming Death Star OG before bedtime. Death Star OG can make you feel euphoric. You will have a nice body high and a light mental high. Users have described it as being great for nighttime and when you are staying in one place. 


Finding the right strain can be a tedious process, as there are thousands to choose from. To ensure you find a strain that works for you make sure to download Cannacopia.

Cannacopia simplifies the process, allowing you to input how you want to feel, and recommending a specific strain or product based on your preferences. If you’re looking for a sleepy strain, use the Cannacopia app’s filters, such as sleepy, lazy, calm, relaxed, or insomnia relief, to find the perfect strain for you.


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