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Nature’s Dream Inc, are the publishers of the Cannacopia mobile app, available free from the iTunes App Store or Google Playstore. 

Cannacopia sits in the middle of the cannabis ecosystem connecting buyers with sellers, and brands. 

Cannacopia’s patent-pending technology is the only platform that enables you to discover which marijuana strains help you feel the way you want, based on your desired moods and effects.  Users can rate, review, and recommend. 

Cannacopia also provides the most accurate directory listing of all US based legally operated dispensaries and retailers  – with address, mapping location and phone number. 

Our next generation Cannacopia, available later this year, will enable you to also find specific cannabis products based on your desired consumption method, show you where to buy and helps you find the best deal. 

Consumers will soon be able to place their order through Cannacopia and then pick up their purchase at their nearby dispensary, retailer, or delivery service. 

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