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Why it's important to know your dose

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Getting into cannabis 

On today’s episode of Cannabis Explained by Cannacopia we are greeted with Leslie Gerard from Hollyweed North Inc. Leslie comes from the music industry working for Capitol and Interscope records.  Her transition into cannabis began in 2010 when she realized a shift in the music industry. As music turned away from passion and headed towards profits Leslie saw this as her time to move on. 

She began making connections on LinkedIn with people already in the cannabis industry. Her first break was when she began engaging in conversations and diving deep into cannabis knowledge.  Through her LinkedIn she was connected with Renaee the Founder and CEO of Hollyweed North Cannabis Inc. 

Realizing that cannabis was an emerging industry Leslie noted that its need for marketing was real. Yet, with limiting rules those who learn how to work within the system will thrive. A three hour conversation with Renee lead to her being hired at Hollyweed North Cannabis Inc. over the phone! 

On a personal level, Leslie believes in the power of the plant. Her niece who has epilepsy uses cannabis as part of her treatment. Patients who consume cannabis for medicinal purposes count on the products consistency. And this very need is why Leslie is a good match for Hollyweed North Cannabis Inc. 


At Hollyweed North Cannabis Inc. Leslie is the Chief Marketing Officer. Cannabis and marketing have yet to go hand in hand. Especially in Canada cannabis businesses are extremely limited in what they can market. “Marketers need to figure out what you can’t do. So you can figure out what to do.” This is the advice Leslie has for cannabis marketers looking to get the word out on their products. 

As cannabis becomes more mainstream marketing something with previous taboos can be tricky. In this episode Leslie mentions “The Feelings of Cannabis”. What these feelings represent are certain experiences that interest consumers into trying and consuming cannabis.  These experience based products are great for beginners to familiarize themselves with cannabis and learn about strains. 

Consuming cannabis comes in many forms these days. What Leslie has learned so far is that consumers are open to trying new forms of consumption. As people become more and more curious about cannabis we’ve learned that the curiosity also extends to methods of consumption.  From vaping to oils people are open to consuming cannabis in different ways.

When it comes to marketing cannabis for consumers Leslie has run into various roadblocks. The laws for cannabis marketing are strict in Canada. Essentially you cannot show any “fun” with the use of cannabis. This is to keep it from looking appealing to kids.   Another restriction she faces is not being able to make any medical claims about the plant. Although cannabis is a great alternative to advil she cannot market is as an “anti-inflammatory”. 

Leslie is both a cannabis consumer and professional. She uses various forms of cannabis. She enjoys a body high and leans towards the use of tinctures and topicals. To fall asleep she sometimes uses a vape pen. 

When it comes to consuming cannabis “Take it slow. Take it easy. Know your dose.” People who are looking to get into cannabis make sure to know your doses says Leslie. No one likes being too high and paranoid. To avoid these feelings consume slowly and cautiously.


In this episode our host shared her experience with CBD and how it has helped her family. Her niece with epilepsy uses cannabis as a part of her treatment. The oils she uses contain both CBD and THC. One factor that we touched on was the entourage effect. A quick google search brings up a simple WikiPedia definition “The entourage effect is a proposed mechanism by which cannabis compounds act synergistically to modulate the overall psychoactive effects of the plant, primarily by the action of tetrahydrocannabinol.”  Not enough research has been conducted on the Entourage Effect commented Leslie but for whatever reason the cannabis has helped her niece manage her epilepsy.

The things CBD can be used for are limitless. From pets to humans. Smoking, eating, rubbing and scrubbing CBD helps the body. Unlike over the counter pain management pills, CBD can offer the same relief without the risk of harmful side effects. 


As the episode unfolds we realize that Leslie is a big advocate for dosing. Knowing that many users are afraid or traumatized from a prior cannabis experience. Leslie points out “ The main thing is knowing your dose.” 

From first time user to cannabis connoisseurs everyone should be open to trying new things in a conscious and responsible manner. 


The cannabis powerhouse that is Hollyweed North Inc. is comprised of various parts. From  manufacturing point they are contracted to extract and produce oils. 

One of the most compelling products from this company is their TerraCube. This product is able to reproduce the same cannabis strain over and over from seed to flower without discrepancy.  The technology used to produce this sort of process is crucial to the medical use of cannabis.

To learn more about Hollyweed North America visit the links below. 

Make sure to listen to Cannabis Explained Here.

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