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What is vaping cannabis?

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Why is Vaping Cannabis Popular? 

Vaping is one of the most common ways people consume cannabis in 2019. With the legalization or decriminalization of cannabis many people are finding the ability to vape cannabis very appealing. From a controlled dosage to discreet consumption vaping seems like the best option for people who are curious about using cannabis. 

Vape technology has only been around for about 6-7 years and its popularity is growing. Many people have turned to vaping for health or discreteness. But is vaping safe? Are products being regulated? We reached out to a vape technology expert to learn the truth and history about vaping cannabis. 

  On today’s episode of Cannabis Explained by Cannacaopia we are joined by guest Hafez Adel from Elevated Growth. He has been in the cannabis industry for a number of years and has seen the market evolve. A marketing and sales guy whose passion is in growing brands and scaling businesses. He was the Chief Marketing Officer at Alpine Vapor for three and a half years.  Well versed in all things vaping he is here to talk with us about the popularity of vaping cannabis. And its evolution to mainstream consumption. 

“ A vape pen is something that heats cannabis to the point of vaporization so you can inhale it.” 


When vaping was introduced into the market what consumers were getting was just as a mystery to them, as the people making it. When vaping was introduced into the market there was a lack of general knowledge in the products being used and created for vaping purposes. 

The first version of vaping carts and batteries were made of plastic and created for e-cigs. What happened with these early products is burning of plastic while inhaling vapor. Something that's unheard of in today's market. 

The first time Hafez encountered vaping products he was not interested. The product was in its BETA stages and he could tell by the look and quality of the products on the shelves in stores. 

The Evolution of vaping began when companies started to look at the hardware of vaping.  Hafez began working in the vaping industry four and a half years ago and has seen it grow into the next major sector of the cannabis industry. Around 2014-2015 Hafez took Alpine Vapor to the next level. His foresight into seeing the cannabis vaping industry evolve much like the e-cig industry allowed him to develop a unique understanding of cannabis , vaping and how people use it.


“Vaping is the vaporization of cannabis oil with a battery to heat oil in order to cause vapor to smoke” Hafez said.  Users who choose to vape have options when it comes to vaping. You can purchase a disposable vape option that is used until it is empty. This option is great for users who don’t consume often and looking to have something available on the spot. 

Users who prefer to use vaping as their consumption option to do so mainly for its discreetness. Users have the ability to vape essentially anywhere. The technology and evolution of product has users consuming the highest quality product developed to date. 

Another reason people choose to vape is because it is less harmful than actually smoking. Research has been done on this and the studies don’t claim that it’s not harmful. But they do confirm that it is a good alternative to traditional smoking. 

The convenience of vaping is undeniable. And the technology of today paired with the quality of cannabis on the market makes it an extremely desirable way to consume.

“Vape pens have a heating element built right in. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or hailing outside. You’re going to be able to get that hit, regardless.”


Vape products are created with various formulations. A cannabis formulation is comprised of the levels of THC , CBD, CBN or THCA in a cartridge.  Vape cartridges are marketed in various was. When you are looking to buy a cartridge for yourself consider these things 

  • How high do I want to be? 

  • What do I want to do after I get high?

With these questions in mind you’ll be able to communicate with a budtender what you are looking for. 

When a consumer walks into a cannabis collective there budtenders are their best resource for finding a vape product . Don’t walk up to the budtender and say “I don’t know”. In order for them to help you the best they can be clear and concise with what you are looking for. Do you want to be alert or mellow? Do you need help waking up or getting to bed? Basic knowledge of what you want will give them the tools they need to assist you best. 

 People who consume regularly are often looking for high THC products to get them high. If this is you let the budtender know “ I want to get really high”. On  the other hand if you are someone who is new to vaping it is suggested to start with a low percentage cartridge. If this is the case communicate you are looking for something with “low THC”. 

When it comes to picking a vape product that works for you the most important factor is knowing what you want. Trust and communicate with yourself so you can communicate with the budtender. Clear communication about what you want to get out of your cannabis will ensure your budtender sells you something you want. 

“This is the 21st century pre-roll. The vape pen. Grab and Go.” 


The cannabis industry is the fasting growing industry in America. In most recent years vaping has been on a steady rise in the market.  And nothing but progress is expected for the future. Within the next few years we will see the vaping marketing advance in many ways. 

From the hardware used to power vapes and they types of cartridges used the industry is advancing daily. 

Lastly,  Hafez mentions the importance of the “Need State” market. People know what they want to feel they just need to know what products to use to get them there. And the beauty of today's market is users can purchase cartridges that are experience or mood focused. This “Need State” part of cannabis will be the future of consumption and users should be excited. 

To Learn more About Hafez you can visit the sites below 

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