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Cannabis that will wake you up

What weed should I smoke to wake up?

If you are curious about consuming cannabis and what time is right for you. Then you are on the right path to understanding how to incorporate cannabis to benefit you. Not everyone needs cannabis to fall asleep. Many users consume cannabis in the morning and throughout the day. If this might be you then you’ll love this article.

In this blog article we will cover ways to use cannabis. Get into detail about specific marijuana strains. Highlight a few of our favorite products. And all of this centered on consuming cannabis is the morning or throughout the day. So let’s dig in.


Using cannabis in your morning routine can help keep your mind alert and focused.

There are many ways to use cannabis in the morning. It can be applied in a topical cream or inhaled through a vape pen. Deciding how you want to use cannabis is the first step to learning your preferences.

Smoking cannabis is the most common way of using it. Whether through a bong, joint or vape pen many users prefer inhaling some form of marijuana

Eating cannabis is a popular way of consuming it . Common forms are edibles like candy or baked goods. You can find an edible form of cannabis in just about any snack. You can drink cannabis through a lemonade, coffee or other liquid. Cannabis honey is also delicious and earthy. When ingesting marijuana you may often get the taste of the weed in your foods. This is normal but if you don’t like the taste of weed edibles may not be the best choice. Also, keep your dosage low when eating edibles. Having too much may cause adverse effects.

Other forms of marijuana can be a beauty products, pills or patches. On the market today you can find a variety of products like lotions or muscle rubs. There are various pill options of marijuana with our without THC. There are even patches for sore muscles.

Whether you want to rub a lotion on your hands in the morning or inhale a vape before work. Cannabis in your daytime routine can enhance your mood and help wake you up for the day.


The classic term for consuming cannabis in the morning is called ‘wake and bake’. This term was coined many many moons ago. Today, consuming cannabis in the morning may be used just to help you wake up. Not to get you stoned from the moment you wake up.

To avoid, the classic wake and bake scenario where you’re not sure where the morning is going. Keep your marijuana consumption to a minimum.

If you are going to be smoking or vaping marijuana to wake up make sure you are smoking a sativa or sativa hybrid strain. These type of strains are known to give you a head buzz which will make your cannabis high feel energized. Take only a few puffs or tokes. If you smoke too much weed in the morning you may have a hard time focusing. Keep your consumption low in the morning to stay awake and on track.


There are various types of cannabis on the market today. Users have a wide variety of cannabis strains and products to choose from. What works from some might not work for others. In determining which weed to smoke to wake up , we suggest either a sativa strain or a hybrid sativa strain.

According to Marijuana Break “ Cannabis sativa typically has a more uplifting high that brings energy to the consumer; this is the type of marijuana strain you’d want to smoke while out on social gatherings or events with your friends, or if you want to be productive around the house.

Sativas can be wonderfully suited for daytime use, and can often produce a creative cerebral high that will bring your mind pure energetic bliss.”

If you don’t want a full sativa, a sativa dominant hybrid is a alternative. WikiLeaf describes a hybrid strain as follows “ Hybrids often take on qualities of both strains, eliciting more of a balance rather than a straight body or head high. “


Critical Jack is a cross between Critical Plus and Jack Herer and is a sativa dominant hybrid. Smoke this citrus strain to wake up and have a energized day.

Green Crack, don’t let the name scare you. This strain will help brighten your day and bring a smile to your face.

Sour Diesel is a pungent strain that has the classic scent of old school weed. This sativa strain will help jump start your morning and prepare you for the day.

Cannabis products to use in the morning

If you want to smoke a joint early in the morning to get going. Definitely try and get your hands on a joint from the Fade Co. The Jack Crack pre-roll is an awesome strain to wake you up and get your day going .

Cannabis with coffee or tea

If you have a morning ritual of drinking coffee or tea it may be a good idea to incorporate a tincture or honey product of cannabis. The benefit of incorporating it in your morning drink is ease of use and convenience. You’ll avoid any smoke or scents of cannabis that you get from having cannabis nugs. We suggest getting 7 Points Honey. This CBD product is derived from hemp and has zero THC.

Music to listen to in the morning

Get your day going by putting on some tunes. This mixtape by FKJ brings positive vibes and helps wake you up without rushing the process.

Where to get weed

Remember, that using cannabis is legal in certain states. If you live in a state where cannabis is illegal please, respect the laws. If you live in a state where is it legal to purchase cannabis...lucky you!

All you need to do is download Cannacopia.

Cannacopia is a cannabis app that connects users to cannabis strains based on their desires or aliments. Cannacopia is the only app on the market that connects users to strains and legal dispensaries where it can be purchased.

To purchase legal weed all you need to do is use the Cannacopia app. Search by strains or browse legal dispensaries in your area. Cannacopia is designed to work for the individual, download the app today and find cannabis strains for you!




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