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Cannabis Strains for March

Finding cannabis strains that work for you can be overwhelming. When you walk into a cannabis shop or look for a strain online, you’ll notice that you’re options are endless. In the world of cannabis strains are being created and modified daily.


  • Indica strains are evening strains. Indicas are great to help users get to sleep and help relax the body.

  • Sativa strains are daytime strains. Sativas make users more alert and give the head high feeling.

  • Hybrid strains are a combination of sativa and indica. Hybrid strains are great to use as anytime and give users a balance between a head and body high.

  • Cannabidiol also known as CBD is non psychoactive. CBD has healing properties and users turn to it help manage pain.

This month Cannacopia took a deeper look into 3 strains that are great for daytime or afternoon use. Let’s take a look at Green Crack, White Widow and Crystal Coma.


White Widow is a hybrid strain that provides users with the perfect balance of energy and serenity.  White Widow helps users relax and reduce anxiety. After smoking White Widow you can expect to be happy and talkative. Smoking White Widow helps fuel creativity.

At Cannacopia we’ve made White Widow our Women’s Day Strain.  White Widow is a great strain for women because it boost energy. Getting high on White Widow will bring a sense of euphoria.


Green Crack is a sativa strain. Don’t let the name scare you because Green Crack is a great strain to get your mind and body going. Green Crack will relax you enough to eliminate your stress. After smoking Green Crack you’ll feel happy and energetic. If you need to get some work done and head out the door, then Green Crack is the strain for you!

Green Crack is a great strain to have when you need to get up and going. Although this strain helps you relax ,it won’t put you to bed.  Green Crack can help you focus and keep you going. At Cannacopia we’ve decided to make Green Crack our St. Patricks Day strain.


Crystal Coma is a sativa dominant hybrid. After smoking Crystal Coma you’ll feel a sense of happiness and creativity. This strain has a citrus taste and helps users relieve stress. Crystal Coma is a strain for novice smokers. This strain is not recommended for new users. Crystal Coma is a hard strain to come by, so if you see it on the shelves make sure to stock up.

Cannacopia will be smoking Crystal Coma on the weekend. This is the perfect strain for the weekend because users who smoke this strain feel euphoric and confident.


Recreational cannabis is legal in 10 states in the USA. If you live in a state where you can purchase recreational cannabis you know that your options are endless. Picking cannabis that is right for you can seem overwhelming but we’ve got a few tips to help you pick a strain that is right for you.

When you go to a dispensary to pick up your cannabis there are a few things to think about. First, think about what it is that is bothering you or what you want to feel. If you have headaches or problems focusing you’ll be able to find a strain of cannabis to help you. Make sure you are aware of what issue you want to solve. When you walk into a cannabis dispensary don’t be afraid to talk to your budtender. Cannabis can do many things for its users. As long as your clear and confident in what you’re looking for a budtender should be able to assist you.

Next, think about your method of consumption. If you want to smoke cannabis you’ll pick up some flowers or prerolls. If you don’t like smoke you have other consumption options. Vape pens, edibles and drinks are all viable forms of consumption. Using cannabis is personal and the way each person chooses to consume varies. If you want to control your level of highness make sure to consume small doses and let time pass before you consume or smoke more cannabis.

Consumers are curious about cannabis and each strain has different effects for users. This video was created by a dispensary in Oregon and explains the properties of cannabis and how to consume responsibly.  


When it comes to consuming cannabis you’ll notice that everyone has a different reaction. If you are new to using cannabis exploring a variety of strains prior to purchase can really clear up any confusion you have. Cannacopia is the only strain finding app that lets users explore cannabis strains based on their desires.

Cannacopia was created by Natures Dream Inc, a company known for its cannabis innovation. The app allows users to find cannabis by selecting desired Mood, Effect, Remedy and Taste. When the app suggest a strain a user can also explore similar strains for their needs. Unlike other apps Cannacopia gives users the power to search for something they truly want or need.

Consuming and purchasing cannabis should be fun and easy. And with Cannacopia the risk of you smoking the wrong weed is eliminated. To find cannabis strains that are right for you all you need to do is download the FREE Cannacopia app.


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