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What weed will help me fall asleep?

Cannacopias Guide to Weed : Strains for sleep

Rest. Dreams. Sleep. These are simple desires most people achieve every night.

Those who don’t sleep on the other hand have various daily occurrences where tiredness gets in the way of life

For those who have trouble falling or staying asleep at night the reasons can vary from stress to depression. But no matter the cause it is truly a struggle to not get enough rest in an night.

There are many home remedies and over the counter options to get you to rest. Some work and others don’t.

Now that cannabis is recreational in California and other states, people now have the opportunity to try products that weren’t available before.

In this post we are going to suggest strains and products that will help with sleep.


When falling asleep one of the most important aspects is relaxation. From the mind to body being in a relaxing state is key to a good sleep. For this purpose we will only be recommending Indica and CBD strains. These strains won’t wake up your mind or have you feeling the need to get up and get going. These strains affect the body by relaxing and putting it at ease. Your mind may wander but stress will not be part of it.

Indica strains are known as a night time weed because they will make the mind and body calm and relaxed. CBD strains will be recommended because they also help in relaxation but are good for stress and anxiety.


Most people at the end of the day just want to relax.  But to take a moment and just be seems like a nearly impossible task for many. Sometimes it is school, work, kids or just life that gets in the way.

Whatever is getting you worked up needs to be let go. At some point in the evening taking the time to smoke  an indica strain. Get comfortable, turn on some music and light it up.

Indica strains that we recommend are Grape Ape and LA Confidential.

Grape Ape has a sweet taste. This indica strain will ease your pain and keep your mind and body in a calm, relaxed state.

LA Confidential is a stress relieving strain with an earthy taste.  It promotes relaxation with a calm state of being.

Whatever strain you pick make sure it is a heavy indica that is known to knock you out.


Cannabidiol also known as CBD is a type of cannabis that will not get you high. The psychoactive part in cannabis that makes you stoned it not in CBD.

CBD is used has a healer or reliever. Many people use CBD to manage pain, inflammation, anxiety and other health issues.  CBD is also used to help with depression, PTSD and alcoholism.

Learn more about CBD and its benefits here, information provided by Project CBD.

Charlotte's Web is a famous strain named after a little girl name Charlotte who suffered from seizures. 20:1 CBD to THC. This strain is used to manage pain.

Stephen Hawkings Kush is a great CBD indica that provides relaxing effects. This strain is unique because you will get a high and bliss state.

Check out more CBD strains here, article from Key to Cannabis.

Delta 9 CBD 5:1


Delta 9 CBD vape  has a 5:1 CBD to THC ratio. This cartridge provides all the healing

properties along with a little head high. This cartridge will keep you clear headed and calm.

Honey Vape designs high quality and potency cartridges. A Blackberry Kush cartridge is sure to take the edge of in the evening and guide you to a relaxing state. This is a great cartridge if you need help winding down after a long day.


One of our favorite edibles is this cookie from Enjoyables. This Snicker Doodle cookie is packed with 100MG THC. This cookie relaxing your mind and body. Making it perfect for kicking back and enjoying.


If you are feeling muscle soreness or a lack of relaxation in the body try picking up some CBD Salve from Flav. This topical will rub on smooth and have a lasting effect.


Now that you are familiar with the beneficial properties of indica and cbd strains for relaxation you are free to explore the world of cannabis. On the market there is an endless amount of products and strains to try from.

If you are looking to learn more about cannabis and strains look no further. Download Cannacopia. This free strain finding app is available for android and IOS. You decided your desired mode, effect, remedy and taste and then Cannacopia will lead you to a strain that's right for you. You will also be able to explore similar strains based on your desires.

Cannacopia also leads you to local collectives where you can browse a wide variety of strains and products. With the app you can also rate and review strains to keep track of what you’ve tired.

Cannacopia is committed to helping users ‘Discover Your Bliss’. We are constantly working on improving and updating the application to provide you with the most up to date information. Download Cannacopia today and find relief with cannabis. Get is on the App or Playstore.


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