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101 Beginners Guide to Vaping


In 2014, the Oxford English Dictionary named "Vape" the 2014 word of the year. Whether using a dry herb vaporizor or e-cigs, vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years. The industry is projected to hit $10 Billion in sales in 2018. Vapes have dramatically improved in performance, reliability, and even expanded into many different categories. Vaping will continue to grow in popularity due to the emergence of studies funded by Cancer Research UK, which support that vaporizing has fewer long-term health risks than smoking. Former smokers and cannabis users now have an abundance of vaping options to choose from – each tailored to the individual user’s needs and lifestyle.

Once you experience the benefits and convenience of a good portable vaporizer, it’s hard to go back to burning weed. Vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular among cannabis consumers for their ease of use, portability and discreet nature.

Vaporizers are relatively new in terms of flower-consuming technology. While other consumption options utilize combustion to deliver the cannabis, vaporizers use vaporization. Vaporization is unique in the fact that it does not combust the cannabis, rather, it uses lower heats to create vapor from the flower that is then inhaled. Flower vaporizers come in all shapes in sizes. From portable to desktop to anything in between, there is likely a vape out there to suit your taste. No matter which style you prefer, the function is pretty much the same. The purpose of this blog is to help new users understand vaping, and to find out which type of vaporizers will meet their needs. Based on the expert opinions from our partners at  the Vape Guide, we have put a "Best Of" Guide to help you navigate through all of the choices that are out there.


Initially, electronic cigarettes were created by a Chinese scientist to help people quit, or to find an alternative to smoking. These devices were used to heat a special liquid containing flavor and nicotine up to its boiling point, a process known as vaporization. This was done to give smokers a sensation similar to smoking a cigarette.

The process of vaping does not involve combustion, and it is considered by many to be a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Many large tobacco companies have adapted and launched their own eCigs. One example is Philip Morris’ launch of the iQOS a few years back. A few years after the invention of tobacco eCigs, a few innovators had the idea that if they are able to work with nicotine–they could accommodate other substances as well, such as medicinal herbs and extracts.

This created a new category of eCigs called Vaporizers. Vaporizers are used to consume all forms of THC such as dry herb or extracts. A typical vaporizer will have a power source and a small oven that can heat up a substance to a critical vaporizing temperature, releasing the THC in the form of vapor. The vapor is inhaled, delivering the THC to the user.

Like any other technology in its initial stages, vaporizers started off simple. They soon added new features, improved efficiency, and expanded into multiple sub-categories of vaporizers. This new technology was quickly adopted by medical and recreational weed users who wanted to modernize their consumption. One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of vaporizers is the recent legalization of marijuana in many US states, making all forms of THC more accessible.


1.) E-Liquid & Vape Juice

2.) Weed & Dry Herb

3.) THC Extracts & Concentrates

1.) E-LIQUID & VAPE JUICE -- These vaporizers are used to vape tobacco in the form of vape juice. This category consists of a few smaller categories, the main two are eCigs and Vape Mods. Both work in the same way, by heating up a liquid (a mixture of Nicotine/Flavors) to a boiling temperature. The resulting vapor is then inhaled to enjoy the given substance’s benefits. This category started out with simple eCigs and later evolved into the more powerful, robust vape mods. Generally, if you are trying to quit smoking or looking for an alternative this category is what you should go for.

2.) WEED & DRY HERB -- Weed vaporizers come in two versions–Portable and Desktop. This category started with Desktops which were large and required an electrical plug-in. Recent technological advancements made batteries more efficient and allowed portables to dominate the market. Most modern day vapes are portables. These devices generally contain a small oven, where you insert ground herb, such as medical weed. The oven heats up to the desired temperature, releasing potent THC and other cannabinoids from the herb in the form of vapor to be inhaled. If you are looking to consume medical marijuana (as herb) and minimize health risks associated with traditional weed smoking, this category is for you.

3.) THC EXTRACTS & CONCENTRATES -- In recent years, marijuana legalization around the US made THC extracts (i.e., concentrates, wax, oil) more accessible. These extracts contain around 70 percent THC versus plant material’s 22 percent. Extract vaporizers have a small heating coil where a drop of extract is placed and heated to the ideal vaping temperature, producing extremely potent vapor. Extracts are ideal to use with vaporizers as they are super-concentrated, meaning you only need a little dab in order to get a sufficient amount of THC. These extracts are more convenient to vape than dry herb, and require less power. A typical extract vaporizer looks like a small pen, is simple to transport, and provides fuss-free refills and heat-ups.

There are so many choices of different vaping pens and each comes with different features and attributes. No matter what you are looking for, chances are really good that your local dispensary will have many great options for you.


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