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Best Edibles to Chill

RESTORE Blackberry Lemon Gummies Indica


90mg THC, 10mg CBD

When night falls and it’s time to unwind, Restore gummies help bring on the chill.

Precisely dosed at just 4.5mg of THC and 0.5mg CBD each, Restore gummies are made from a tasty infusion of carefully dosed cannabis, with kosher ingredients.

And at 9:1 THC to CBD per gummy, Restore is all it takes to ease you into evening.

CALM Cannabis Infused Sparkling Tonic


10 mg THC/5 mg CBD

Flow from tightly wound to totally chill with this serene indica-like fusion of hybrid cannabis and soothing CBD, mixed with the mellowest of terpenes. Blend in the delicate flavors and tranquil effects of chamomile, rose hibiscus flowers and raspberries – and you’ve entered the zone. ​

* 33 calories per bottle

Unicorn Jerky

CBD Candy for Chillin'


10 MG of CBD Per Belt

The Unicorn Jerky is a party in your mouth. Made with broad spectrum CBD, our Unicorn Jerky will delight your taste buds, and give you an instant calm without any of the 420 feels.

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