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What To Expect The First Time You Go To A Dispensary?

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There’s no question that buying cannabis has come a long way. Gone are the days of having to “know a guy.” Yet, with all the changes to cannabis access, one of the most intimidating things about being a new cannabis consumer is going to a dispensary for the first time. There are so many questions running through your head that it can help to have a little bit of guidance.  In the very least you should know what to expect the first time you traverse to weed store. What a concept, a store that sells weed in so many forms. In this podcast episode we talk about all things dispensary related so that you can rest easy and purchase the perfect product. 

            To aid us in guiding you, we are joined by Carrie from Green Goddess. Green Goddess is Venice Beaches oldest dispensary, having opened for medicinal use in 2006. Today they are open to the public for both medicinal use and recreational use. Crucial to your dispensary experience is a knowledge of what a typical experience looks like and what you need to be prepared for. Throughout this podcast Carrie walks us through the things you need to know, and in this blog we’ll break down those essential points so you’ll have a perfect guide.

            First things first, let’s determine what kind of user you are, medicinal or recreational, and what that difference means. Medicinal patients are going to be anyone over the age of 18 that has been given a recommendation to use cannabis for a medical purpose. Medicinal patients are subject to less taxes and in some states, may purchase more cannabis per day than recreational patients. Some states also require that your medical recommendation be from the state where they are operating. To be a recreational user, you must be at least 21 years old, but not necessarily from the state where the dispensary is located. In California, most dispensaries are both medicinal and recreational, the world is your oyster.


Once you make it to your local shop, there are some things that you will need to be prepared for. Namely, you will need to show your ID to the receptionist who will take your information and will also likely ask you if you have been there before. A thought might cross your mind as to where that information might end up, but rest assured that your identity and the fact that you were in a weed store are not details that are shared with anyone. Licensed dispensaries care about your privacy. Fun bonus, if you are new to the dispensary, you will likely get a “first time” bonus. This might come in the form of a discount or free product. That’s at almost every dispensary so make your rounds! Once you’ve been given the okay on your age, you’ll be allowed to enter the main floor where you will see a variety of products. From there make your way to a staff person, also known as a budtender, and they will help you find what you’re looking for.  


            So what if you don’t really know what it is that you’re looking for? Well, lucky for you the whole thing is designed to ask you questions and not the other way around. Budtenders are for the most part knowledgeable and friendly staff who are there to make the process easy for you. They will likely start off asking you what it is that you’re looking for from your experience? Are you trying to get a good night’s sleep or are you trying to socialize? Do you know how you want to consume? Don’t be afraid to ask them to clarify or dive in deeper to the product offerings. In the dispensary, the budtender knows the products, they’ve likely tried them and can give you an opinion based on their experience. Trust that you’re in good hands and really ask yourself what it is that you want from your cannabis. 


  Although every consumer case is going to be different, there are some general pieces of advice you can stick to if you are a new cannabis consumer. For example, you might want some general information on the different types of consumption methods. In general they are flower, edibles, tinctures, vapes, and concentrates. As a beginner, you want to stick to flower, edibles, and tinctures. Be careful on the dosage amounts of your edibles and always ask your budtender how they recommend you take them to avoid a negative experience. Keep vaping and concentrates for when you’ve become a little more experienced as they can pack a punch. Carrie says, “To a lot of people that are new to cannabis, what’s important is to not get too high.” This is so true and to avoid the possible bad side of cannabis, really focus on going slow and incrementally. If you do this you’ll find what works best for you, which at the end of the day is the most important thing. 

            Hopefully the information we have detailed for you here today will help you should you decide to roll through a dispensary. We want to iterate that the cannabis community is full of welcoming humans eager to help you fulfill your needs. This is so true of dispensaries and there is no need to be intimidated by them. We highly recommend that you shop around, get a feel for what different dispensaries do differently and how you want access to your ganja. Make sure to take advantage of first time deals, dispensary events, and loyalty programs. When in doubt always reference what it is that you want, or don’t want, from your weed. Keeping your desired experience at the forefront of your mind will help guide you to the right place. In the event that dispensary shopping just isn’t for you, we recommend you try the Cannacopia app, your trusted pal to finding personalized cannabis products that are perfect for all your needs. Thanks for reading today and don’t forget to check out our podcast


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