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What to do on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

If you are looking to spend some one-on-one time with your special someone this year, Cannacopia has a few suggestions to share.

Ahhh….February 14...the beloved Valentine’s Day. Many people across the globe cringe at the idea of this holiday. Many people are single and despise the Hallmark Holiday, others look forward to the designated romantic time they get to spend with their honey, either way some people hate it and others love it. At Cannacopia we are here to help you no matter what your situation is. If you have a loved one to get high with, a group to kick it with or an evening in the house alone, you can always count on cannabis to enhance the experience.


Spending quality time with someone you love on Valentine's Day is a sought after experience How much you incorporate weed into your Valentine’s Day will depend on a few factors. How much do you like weed? How much does your partner like weed? What we suggest is either a cannabis infused event or a cannabis infused evening. The difference between the two is that one starts with cannabis and the other builds up to cannabis.


It has been said that a perfect date night is a couple’s trip to the dispensary followed by an adventure. This might be a good look for your Valentine’s Day if you’re feeling spontaneous and just want to spend time doing whatever with the person you care about. Start out by getting an idea of what kind of products you might want to sample throughout the evening. Select a few different kinds like, flower, edibles, and some topicals. Really savor your selection process, what does your partner want out of their cannabis? What moods would they like to experience? Decide on something you both want and make your moves to the shop. Your next destination is up to you. Perhaps you’ve already decided on something you want to do together. In the event you haven’t take a spin of the Date Wheel, it will give you a direction. Ahead of the date make an intention to be present during it. That intention paired with cannabis is sure to leave you with an unforgettable night.

As your evening winds down you will probably want to spend the last part of your night getting intimate, which could mean emotionally, intellectually, physically, or all three! Cannabis is a perfect aid for all these activities. It will stimulate deep conversation and put you even more in the mood. You might need to recharge your high with one of your other items. A small dose edible is a great choice and the right kind will stimulate your brain activity as well as your physical senses.


There’s no limit on what types of events you might be able to put together for your significant other this Valentine’s Day. A good choice is to lead up to the cannabis consumption. This is ideal if neither of you are heavy users and you would prefer the high to be the main event. Just about any activity you can think of can be infused with cannabis but for Valentine’s Day we want to recommend an infused dinner. Cooking with your partner is a fun activity regardless and adding cannabis makes it an exciting mystery for you both to discover together.

Start with purchasing an oil or a butter from your dispensary, or if you really want to make the dinner a prime focus, make your own. Decide on a fun recipe and make your trip to the grocery store part of the experience. You may choose to infuse one item or you may choose to infuse various. For example, a little infused wine is fun and easy to make, and will add to your dinner. When your recipe is complete, really go all out with the set up. Bring out the fancy dishes and the tea lights, this is the main event and you should treat it as such. After consuming, wait together to feel the effects. From there it’s up to you what direction your night goes, but don’t be surprised if it ends with meaningful conversation  and/or what the kids refer to as “sexy time.”


Sometimes Valentine’s Day is best celebrated your second family, your friends! Chances are, another one (or several) of your friends is single and also looking for something to do on the holiday. Why not spend the evening with all your friends, including cannabis your lifelong pal. Two potential activities we want to recommend for the evening is an escape room or a game night.


Perhaps you’re an unrestrained creature who would rather spend the night with the one who gets you the most, yourself. Kudos, I commend you on your independence and desire for reflective solitude. Often, the best time we can have is alone because there are countless number of things what we have yet to discover about ourselves. What a better time to reflect on that then on a day when everyone else is tied up with someone else. Love is just an economy based on resource scarcity anyway right, right?! Whatever the reasoning for your solitude, we support it and have the cannabis tips to make sure you maximize your enjoyment of the evening, like you deserve.

There are a few avenues you can pursue on this day. We recommend an evening of introspection, that is, a calm evening to get in tune with your thoughts. If you know your edibles dose, the high an edible will give you is perfect to set you up for a night of thinking and self-exploration. Cuddle up with one of your favorite treats or teas and fall into a stream of consciousness with your journal. There are many benefits to free writing, and even if you are a skeptic, it’s worth a shot. If you think you don’t have anything to say, just wait, the edible will help you. Just start writing, and don’t stop, as the thoughts enter, put them on paper. You might be surprised how fulfilled you’ll feel after about 30 minutes of a brain dump. This is a great activity to do once in a while with yourself to recenter your thoughts and feeling so that you can flourish in your daily life.


Valentine’s Day can mean different things to different people, but at its core the holiday is about connecting with who you love most. That might be one other person, your friends or yourself. This Valentine’s Day we hope you will find serenity, happiness, and love with the help of cannabis. As always, when you don’t know what product is the best for you, use Cannacopia to help you. Our database is built to help you find the perfect product based on your desired effects, moods, tastes, and location. Our app is available in the Apple and GooglePlay stores. From all of us here at Cannacopia, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and as always, stay high!


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