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Weed at the Beach

What Weed to Get For the Beach

With the days warming up and summer just around the corner it time to start planning a beach adventure. Here at Cannacopia we’re of the idea that no beach soiree is complete without everyone’s favorite lil’ herb, Mary Jane. Whether you live somewhere with close beach access or you’re making a trip to the sea, we’re your go-to guide for what weed to get to maximize your beach trip. Life’s too short not to make the most of it, so dial in and get the deets on how to have only the best beach bop!


Legislation in the State of California prohibits the public consumption of cannabis on public beaches and parks. Read: The feds say ‘getting high by the beach’ is not allowed, that includes smoking and vaping. Therefore, we want to explicitly state that the following guide assumes you will be consuming prior to arriving to the beach and we are in no way endorsing consumption on the beach. Please check with laws in other coastal states or countries as cannabis laws are constantly changing.


The first thing you want to decide is how you’re going to spend your time at the beach. We recommend bringing some games, a speaker, musical instruments, a dope beach blanket and of course your favorite company! The best beaches are the ones that have bonfire pits so you can get your snackin’ on too. Load up on treats because the munchies will undoubtedly make an appearance. It should go without saying, but we’re going to mention it anyway, please clean up after yourself when you leave! Keep our beaches beautiful jah feel? Respect the world’s spaces.


When it comes to picking up something to get your beach vibes on, consider what it is that your looking for from your cannabis. Are you trying to party hardy or are you trying to get more chill vibes on? Your weed selection will depend on answering these critical questions. In fact, any time you’re thinking of picking up some green, you probably have an desired experience already in mind. Having an idea of what it is you want is the first step toward getting there. We’ll give you a couple of scenarios below and you can decide which one most closely aligns with what you’re looking for.


Who doesn’t love a good beach party? If you’re looking to maximize your time with some cannabis, what you’re going to want more than anything is energy. That plus a sense of freedom will allow you to go strong all night long and truly enjoy yourself. If that’s what you’re looking for, then there are two words you want to keep in mind: Pinene and Limonene. These are terpenes in varieties of cannabis that are going to give you a burst of energy, reduce your anxiety, and up your euphoria. Some strains with this profile are Durban and Lambs Bread. What you want to avoid is myrcene and linalool, both of these terpenes are going to put you to sleep. You don’t want a beach snooze quite yet! You also can’t go wrong with a properly dosed edible made from flower of the same terpene profile. Bonus points for the edible because you can take it discreetly. Follow this advice and party on broski.


Beach date anyone? Who doesn’t love a romantic night out at the beach with your hunny. There’s just something about spending the evening admiring the moon and the soft waves crashing against the shore. You could bust out the wine but maybe you bust out a sweetly rolled j complete with glass tip. In this setting what you might want to avoid is too much energy, instead you want a mellow mood that has the chill setting way up. For this we recommend a cannabis product that balances myrcene and beta-caryophyllene. This combo is sure to put you both in a headspace to enjoy each other’s company and continue to build your bond. Strains that fit into this category include Blue Dream and White Widow. These will relax your body as well and who knows where the night will lead, if you catch my drift, but I think that’s illegal too.   


Spontaneous trip to the beach with your pals to catch the sunset? There’s nothing better than just hanging with your chosen family on the beach. Life can get crazy and it’s the conversations you have with those who care about you most that make the absolute difference. Take your beach hang to the next level with the right weed. We recommend finding something with a little CBD to relax your body and curb your anxiety. If you can’t find a CBD strain we recommend CBD capsules of around 25 mg to give you that little mental boost. Pair this with a beta-caryophyllene dominant strain like Northern Lights and your set to have a really dope sesh with the brands, something straight out of That 70’s Show.   


Whether a beach trip means a fun energy filled party, a romantic getaway, or an evening filled with true friendship, cannabis is there to enhance your experience. While it’s great to know what to look for in your cannabis, sometimes it can be hard to find exactly what it is that you’re looking for. You might be thinking, how on earth do I even find a limonene heavy strain without doing a lot of research. Who has the time to do that kind of searching anyway? Thank god for Cannacopia, your go-to tool to find the perfect cannabis product every time. We do all the hard work for you, just select your desired vibe and effects and we’ll give you nearby options. At Cannacopia we believe the consumer should have full control over their cannabis experience. It’s why we do what we do! Find us in the App or Google Play store. Until next time, enjoy the beach and stay high!!


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