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Strain Highlight: Venom OG

Venom OG

Venom OG is an indica dominant hybrid. According to Wikileaf it is a cross of Rare Dankness #1 and Poison OG. This hybrid strain is commonly used in the evening to unwind and relax. Both a body and head high is experienced when smoking Venom OG. This strain is known to help with pain management. It will put you to sleep by putting your mind at ease. Don’t be alarmed if you feel sedated towards the end of your high. Just drift off to sleep.

The most common form of Venom OG is flower. The more the merrier for this strain. It’s suggested to buy at least an 8th because you do not know the next time this strain will be on the shelf.

If you pick up an 8th and want to roll a blunt. Try to avoid using tobacco based wraps. They change the taste of the weed and also cause a different sort of high. If available opt for a hemp wrap.

High Hemp is a great company that incorporates CBD into their wraps.

However you decide to consume Venom OG make sure that you have no important task to complete. Because after smoking this strain you will not get anything productive done.


it is not uncommon for adults to feel stressed and or overwhelmed at the end of the day. From work to personal matters is might seem as if it's hard to catch a break. If you are open to using cannabis daily or casually trying it. Venom OG is a must on a night that you need some extra rest and relaxation.

Again, before you smoke Venom OG make sure to complete your nightly task such as packing a lunch or picking out your outfit for the next day. This strain will help you ease your way to sleep and you truly want to enjoy this high.

One of the best ways to smoke this strain is out of a bong or water pipe, also known as a bubbler. The smoke should taste piney with a strong OG scent. It is recommended to play some music and see where the evening takes you. If you need a music suggestion check out this mix.

As you start to get high you may feel like doing something, but most likely will feel like doing nothing. If that's the case enjoy being high and drift off to sleep.


If you are new to meditation trying it while high can be quite the mystical experience. Being in a high state allows the mind to drift off and declutter. The very act of meditation promises relaxation. Those who practice meditation daily are more aware and show gratitude more easily. If you are looking for a night time meditation start with this HeadSpace, meditation for sleep.  


It is common for adults to have little to no sleeping habits. In today's fast past and technology dependent society it can be hard to disconnect and get to bed in a healthy manner.

According to The National Sleep Foundation “The truth is, using electronic devices before bedtime can be physiologically and psychologically stimulating in ways that can adversely affect your sleep.” So although many people might think they are “relaxing” before bed, they are not.

So if you smoke Venom OG and plan on getting to bed soon make it a point to not look at any electronic screens.

If your space smells like cannabis and you want to get rid of the smell while also promoting relaxation try burning some incense or using essential oils. Look for lavender or sandalwood scents.

Look into this article if you’d like to find more ways to improve your evening routine.


Relaxing or getting into an evening routine should be seamless and easy. And so should finding cannabis strains and retailers. Luckily, there is Cannacopia. This free download is the only app on the market that focuses on the needs of users.

Cannacopia puts the user in charge of their cannabis experience. From discovering strains to locating retailers in your area Cannacopia is the point of influence for valuable cannabis knowledge.

The app allows users to find strains based on their desired mood, physical remedy, effects and taste. It is possible to use all or one the attributes to pinpoint exactly what strain you want. Finding cannabis is easy all you need is Cannacopia. Download it today!


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