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Strain Highlight: True OG


True OG is a potent indica strain that boasts impressive genetics; it is derived from OG Kush and Afghani, two powerful indicas. What’s more, the strain took 2nd place in High Times Cannabis Cup’s Indica category five times from 2010-12 and 1st place in 2013. True OG originates from California’s southern region and was originally bred by Elemental Seeds. As such, this strain is most commonly found in California, however there is evidence of it’s popularity all across the west coast, Oregon and Washington, as well as in Arizona. Most of the attributes of True OG make it an ideal strain for evening and nighttime use.


True OG  has a predominantly skunky smell which indicates the presence of the myrcene terpene. Other aromas this strain exhibits are earthy and reminiscent of pine trees or petrichor. In terms of taste, this strain is sure to have a main natural flavor with subtle hints of fruity flavor. True OG has an average potency level so it is good for most levels of cannabis experience.


Based on True OGs terpene profile, there are a variety of effects you might feel with this strain. Relaxation is a commonly reported effect paired with focus and mental alertness. True OG is the perfect strain if you are looking for something to mellow you out and put you in a concentrated space. This strain offers muscle tension relief and cerebral clarity, perfect for an evening of decompressing and soft thinking. Once the initial high wanes, this strain’s hungry attributes will activate and shortly after, a restful sleep.

At the core of True OG is a feeling of anxiety relief and stress reduction. It’s a great strain if you’re looking to recharge or get away from the demands of the world for a moment. True OG = self care.


True OG is a relatively popular strain and there are many options available for consumption. If you are looking for a quality flower, we recommend True OG grown by Plantworks, a micro-grow out of Seattle that specializes in 3 strains, True OG being one of them. In the event you live in Northern California, you may be able to find seeds and clones from Mendocino Clone Company.

If you’re more in the vape scene, we’ve located three companies that feature a True OG vape cartridge, Flav, W Vapes, and Kurvana. Finally, if you prefer a concentrate to get your dab on, we recommend you check out West Coast Cure and their True OG shatter.


As usual, at Cannacopia we want to suggest an evening for you around True OG. Given the calming and quiet nature of True OG, we find it to be a perfect strain to pair with a meditative and introspective evening of chill tunes.

Commonly associated with Eastern religion, meditation doesn’t have to necessarily be a spiritual experience. Studies show that meditation (which has been mostly rebranded in the western world as “mindfulness”) is a proven way to boost your mood and productivity. It works by quieting your mind and focusing your attention to a single thing: the present moment. Paired with a delighting strain like True OG, your mediation is likely to be taken to the next level.

Start with blanket spread out on your floor or even outside as the sun is setting. Get comfortable and bring out the True OG. Once you are in the place you want to be, begin your mindfulness. If you have never mediated before, we suggest the use of a guided session. Many are available online via youtube, spotify or apps like Headspace.

Have some fun with it and once your done, pop on your favorite relaxing tunes. The world is yours. If you’re looking for some chill vibes, check out Khruangbin, a band from Houston, Texas. Their album The Universe Smiles Upon You contains jams perfect for your relaxing evening.

Continue your relaxation with a bubble bath or a face mask. True OG is all about letting your nerves go. After this activity and cannabis infused evening, you may wake up the following day ready to take on what you need to most.


Last but certainly not least, you’re going to want to be prepared for when the munchies hit, because with True OG, they most definitely will. We have the following two recipes picked out to help you quell your True OG fueled hunger: the first is a chicken salad croissant sandwich and the second is grilled artisan bread with roasted grapes and ricotta spread. These recipes suggestions are designed to pair well flavor wise with your strain as well as mood wise.

As a bonus activity, try enjoying these treats through a mindful lens, helping you get the most out of your enhanced taste buds. Check out this website for tips and ideas on eating mindfully.  You may be surprised with how True OG can enhance your present experience!


If you like True OG, you’re likely to enjoy other strains that will give you similar effects. It can be hard to track down th perfect strain though. Luckily, Cannacopia is here to help! Cannacopia is the only cannabis app that is designed to locate a user’s perfect strain using Mood, Effects, Remedy and Taste as input. Users are able to customize each search based on their desires. Not only is Cannacopia a strain finding app it also is a dispensary locator. Anyone with the Cannacopia app can find licensed dispensaries around them. Cannacopia users are able to rate and review the strains they have tried.  Ready to give it a try? Find Cannacopia in the App and GooglePlay store.




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