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Strain Highlight: Super Blue Dream

Super Blue Dream

Super Blue Dream is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream which makes it a sativa dominant hybrid. User who consume Super Blue Dream can expect a well rounded high that won’t leave your feeling tired or sluggish.

Super Blue Dream is a great strain to keep you focused. It’s effects allow you to zone in on whatever needs to be done. This should be your go to strain when you need to knuckle down and get stuff done! Aside from getting you in the zone this strain is great to break social anxiety and get you engaged in conversations.

In this article we are going to give you a breakdown of Super Blue Dream. We will share a few reviews, introduce you to its parents and suggest a few things to do while high on Super Blue Dream.



According to  LA Weekly they describe Super Blue Dream to be euphoric and uplifted. The chart to the left gives a quick breakdown of Super Blue Dream.


Many users benefit from smoking Super Blue Dream. Something about this hybrid strain gives users the drive needed to get task done. Hytiva an online resource had this to say about Super Blue Dream..

“The rich cannabinoid profile of Super Blue Dream suggests it should give a relatively chill, well-rounded high. And it does exactly that. While bringing on soothing feelings, it also brings on an amped up buzz, helping the smoker to maintain focus and sociability. It is also suggested for stabilizing moods, lifting the spirits, alleviating stress, and bringing on an appetite. It is not recommended for treating headaches or migraines, especially for those sensitive to sativas.”


Finding products that are Super Blue Dream strain specific can be difficult. In California the closet thing you can get is Blue Dream Products. Below we’ve suggested 2 vape cartridges that will give you all the Blue Dream qualities you are looking for. *Blue Dream is a Sativa*

According to The Bloom Brand their Blue Dream cartridge will have you feeling happy,creative, relaxed and uplifted.

Kurvana is available at many locations. This is what they have to say about their cartridge “A creamy, fruity, flower classic that needs no introduction.”


The other half of Super Blue Dream is Super Silver Haze. Super Silver Haze is the a strain created by 3 parent strains. The beauty of Super Silver Haze is the fact that it is a well rounded hybrid.

One of the best Super Silver Haze products you can get is flower grown by Korova.  Look below for more information about the strain and how to locate it.

“By crossing the genetics of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, we are left with a beautiful, sticky sativa blend that boasts one of the most aromatic strains in history. “


Productivity is difficult for many. Sometimes there is too much to do and it's hard to even start. Using a specific cannabis strains to help you focus works well for many. The key to being both high and productive is making a plan.

First, make sure you are smoking cannabis that is known to help you focus aka Super Blue Dream. Usually a sativa or hybrid strain, but indicas can also assist in being focused. Once you’ve gotten the strain(Super Blue Dream) then next thing you need to do is create a short list of things you need to absolutely get done.

Next, smoke just a little bit of Super Blue Dream.  The key to being productive while smoking weed is not smoking so much. Make sure to take a hit or two get a task done. Once you complete the task take another couple hits and move on. You’ll find that your able to manage your task efficiently with eaze.

Being productive doesn’t come easily to all. Not even with the assistance of cannabis. If this is the case for you check out these helpful guidelines to productivity.


After you’ve finished your task and realize you have both more time and Super Blue Dream we suggest you watch a movie to get your creative mind flowing and to enjoy being really high.

Pan's Labyrinth is a great movie to watch while you’re really high. Although it might be dark at times you can really enjoy the beauty of this film.

If you’re getting really high and want to watch a few movies that will throw you back in time

check out this list. The movies are dated so you can gauge around what era they were made in.

If you’re looking for some inspiration this list of movies is great to get your creative juices going.


In today’s digital world we are constantly searching for something. Whether it's a movie to watch a place to eat the need for searching is endless. Often times the search of anything can be overwhelming due to the amount of information available. And like with most things a refined search can help you pinpoint what you want.

When it comes to cannabis searching for a strain you desire is easy. Cannacopia is a mobile strain finding application that helps users find strains based on what they desire. Cannacopia also allows users to find licensed dispensaries in their area.  When it comes to searching for cannabis all you need to do is download Cannacopia!


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