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Strain Highlight: Silver Haze

What is Silver Haze?

Silver Haze is a sativa strain that has been created with a cross of Haze and Northern Lights. Silver Haze is known to clear your head while giving you uplifting energy. It has an earthy taste that will relieve any built up stress. This is not a strain for beginners and is known to have lingering effects long after you have smoked it. As with any sativa expect Silver Haze to get your mind and body going. We’re going to share some experiences to have while smoking Silver Haze.


If you are in the Los Angeles area then you have to head over to, Save Greens . This dispensary is located on Venice Blvd and has cannabis at all price points. Best of all this a is recreationally licensed dispensary. The Silver Haze strain was $10 a gram and it is top shelf quality. While using Cannacopia I was directed to this location due to its proximity to my house. I was in and out of the collective with a dense gram of Silver Haze. Ready to light it up.


What's the best way to consume cannabis? With friends, of course. One of the best ways to use cannabis is with friends. Silver Haze is a great strain to share with others because it brightens up the mood. This is not a beginners strain so it's not uncommon to feel “faded” while using Silver Haze. Enjoy the high feeling of Silver Haze by doing one of the activities below.


Los Angeles is full of hidden and not so hidden locations. In this article we are going to take you to a few locations around town. Depending on your mood you can explore something outdoors or you can stay inside and see what trouble you can get into. Remember to always consume responsibly.


Silver Lake is a chic part of Los Angeles. Hidden in the hills of Silver Lake are a series of stairs. We suggest getting your crew together and rolling up a joint. Once you park your car take a look around and make sure no cops are around. Then light it up, pass it around and get high. Once that Silver Haze starts to hit grab your bag and get going. Follow this guide to climb all of the stairs in one circular motion. (Disclaimer:You will sweat if you do all the stairs.)

Silver Haze is a great strain to smoke in Silver Lake! It’s head high stimulates the mind making it a great strain to socialize and hangout with friends. Don’t get lost climbing the stairs make sure your phone is fully charged. If you head out on a Saturday remember to check out the Silver Lake Flea Market.


Now, if you want to get outside and explore LA but aren’t looking to break a sweat. Head to Echo Park, the actual park. You know in the movies, the iconic scene with downtown Los Angeles and people peddling on some boat thing at a lake? Well, that’s Echo Park Lake. The magic of this park lies in the Latino Community that serves it. On any weekend at the park you can get tacos,elotes, pupusas, fruta and many other things. Bring your blanket, Silver Haze, friends and dollar bills. Enjoy your weekend in the park getting high and having the best munchies of your life.


So not everyone has the day to get out and explore. But if you're looking for some evening fun with your friends we have a few suggestions. As long as it's not Monday you’ll be able to visit this place. World on Wheels, skating rink! Kick it old school with some friends and smoke a doobie before you head in. As the Silver Haze starts to hit you’ll be skating all around having fun enjoying yourself. This high is perfect for rolling with the homies.


If you want to have some fun but aren’t coordinated enough for a skating rink. Check out Shatto 39 Lanes. Bowling is something many overlook but it's a surprisingly social game. Before you head out to bowl get properly high. We suggest smoking a few blunts and then taking an Uber to the location. As you get your bowling shoes on you can feel a sense of relief in your body and happiness in your mind. You and your friends will have fun spending time trying to knock down a few pins.


Spending time trying to figure out what to do or what to smoke can be annoying. Sometimes you know what is want to feel but have no idea how to achieve that. Cannacopia is the leading cannabis app that allows you to personalize your search in order to find a strain of cannabis for your specific needs. Download Cannacopia and you will be able to find strains based on your desired mood, effect, remedy or taste. Look for it in the App Market or Google Play Store.


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