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Strain Highlight: Grand Daddy Purple

Grand Daddy Purple

Grand Daddy Purple was created back in 2003 by Ken Estes. Grand Daddy Purple is a cross of Big Bug and Urkle making it a potent indica hybrid strain. It test between 17-24% THC and Grand Daddy Purple is commonly referred to as GDP.

GDP is used by many to manage pain and treat insomnia. After smoking GDP you can expect your mood to be relaxed, your body will be in a state of relaxation. If you have any pain in your body you can see it dissolve as your high increases. This 80/20 indica dominant strain is sure to have you in an a slightly sedated state. Chances are you won’t want to move from wherever you are.  

Anytime is a good time to smoke, some say. But GDP is not an afternoon strain by any means. GDP is a strain used to help you get your mind off stress and your body to sleep. It’s suggested that you smoke this strain in the evening or night. Think of GDP as the ultimate strain to help you with relaxation. Grand Daddy Purple is sure to put you to sleep. Or at least get you pretty close.


If you’ve decided you wanted to buy some Grand Daddy Purple here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking at flower.

In most states when buying cannabis you are unable to touch it. But there are a few things you can keep your eye out for when purchasing GDP. First, you want to make sure the cannabis is in nug form not shake or the bottom of the supply. You are looking for lush looking cannabis nugs with a variation of purple. GDP is a fan favorite across the board, expect to see beautiful nugs. Feel free to ask the budtender what they think of the batch. If you are unsure how it looks. For many the ultimate test,smell it. Ask the budtender to smell Grand Daddy Purple you should be overwhelmed with a sweet or citrus scent with earthy tones. If your nose likes the cannabis scent you will know.

Buying cannabis is fun and smoking it is even more fun. But what turns many off from cannabis is the smell that lingers after. Although many people don’t mind it there are a few places you don’t want the lingering cannabis scent to follow you to. And for those occasions we suggest you purchase a vape pen.


Bloom Brand most recognizable by their red logo is a popular brand in California. On their website you can search your address to find the nearest place you can purchase it at. They have a total of 10 high quality vape cartridges and of course on that list is GDP.  

Grape, Floral, Berry, Earthy

This is the flavor profile you can expect from a GDP Bloom Brand cartridge.

Flav is a common brand in the cannabis industry. They offer everything from edibles to vape products. They have a variety of flavors and strains. If you can find the Grand Daddy Purple Flav cartridge we highly suggest you stock up. It is one of the harder strains to find in their line of cartridges.

The latest vape crazy to hit the market is has to be the Stizzy. The battery and pod specific brand is blowing up. Its sleek look and heavy hitting pens are a favorite among more than casual smokers.  These are the facts Stizzy lays out for their cartridge.

“A California staple born from parent plants Purple Urkle and Big Bud, Granddaddy Purp is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid that delivers a familiar euphoria.”

Merry Jane is a great cannabis website. From news articles to reviews Merry Jane covers just about everything cannabis on the site. Their review of Grand Daddy Purple is spot on, read a piece below.

“A cross between indicas Big Bud and Urkle, Grand Daddy Purple has a delicious sweet grape flavor. The intense effects of GDP completely relax the body and the mind. Not a completely anti-social strain, Grand Daddy Purple encourages happiness but will slow you down enough that you won’t want to engage in any friendly debates until you wait for your “High 2 Come Down.” “

The Stoner Mom is not your average mom. Of Course she is smart, kind and loving. But she also enjoys using cannabis. Her website is full of useful and fun information.  She also wrote a review about GDP. This is what she had to say...

“Be warned, this is a creeper of a strain. It’s literally packed with myrcene– that terpene that amplifies the sedating effects of marijuana. Its high starts euphoric and bright, then settles into a powerful, full-body high, making you ultra relaxed and somewhat drowsy.”


After smoking some Grand Daddy Purple it is likely that you won’t want to do much of anything. If this is the case, don’t worry. Roll yourself another GDP joint and get comfortable on the couch. If you have any video streaming services keep an eye out for these movies.


This cute movie is quite and soothing. Drift along in space with WALL-E and Eve.


This movie is great for both adults and children. It’s the story of innocent young love. If anything it is something pleasant to fall asleep to.


A classic, of course. Forrest Gump is both extremely entertaining and boring. You might be into watching this movie but after a few extra hits of GDP your eyelids will begin to seal shut.

Finding a movie you want to watch might be tough but it doesn’t matter. The good thing about GDP is that anything will seem great and soothing. All you need is GDP.


Finding cannabis that is right for you is easy. All you need is to download Cannacopia!

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This strain finding app is available to everyone as a free mobile download. Cannacopia allows you to explore strains and discover what works for you. It also connect you to local collectives where cannabis can be purchased. Download Cannacopia and you’ll be introduced to the world of cannabis.


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