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Strain Highlight : Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)


Girl Scout Cookies is a high THC hybrid strain that is known to give a consistent lasting high. This hybrid strain is 60/40 indica dominant but also has strong sativa characteristics. Such as head stimulation while feeling a calm balance in the body. A cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison. This strain is sometimes also crossed with Cherry Pie. It also goes by the other names Thin Mints and Platinum Cookies. (Variants of GSC)

This award winning strain is not recommended for first time users. Its high THC content and strong side effects might be overwhelming to novice users. Only use this strain if you’re are confident in you ability to handle cannabis, do not share with first time user.

If you want a quick break down check out this short video of GSC.


Girl Scout Cookies is a fan favorite to many. This strain will leave you with lasting relaxation. Its earthy yet sweet taste brings a smile to everyone who smokes it. Commonly used to relieve stress Girl Scout Cookies also helps with anxiety and depression. WARNING: This strain will more than likely induce your munchies to a next level. Be prepared to have a good time using Girl Scout Cookies.

When smoking GSC is it common for users to either feel extremely relaxed and happy or stress free and focused on task at hand. Depending on the mood and situation of each user feelings will vary.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed or too high smoke a little at a time. It is okay if it takes 30 minutes to smoke a bowl.


Girl Scout Cookies is a popular strain it is available for purchase in may forms. You’ll be able to walk into just about any location and purchase Girl Scout Cookies flower. A gram can range anywhere from $7- $18 a gram depending on the quality. If you want flower you can also look for Girl Scout Cookies pre rolls.

Girl Scout Cookies is also very popular in concentrated form. Ask your budtender for the different varieties available at the moment. It is also very common to find Girl Scout Cookies in vape form.


Heavy Hitters is a vape company that is known to provide users is high THC products they have a variety of strains available. Their GSC strain is clean and will leave users feeling high with just one hit. Heavy Hitters is a popular brand that can be found in many dispensaries. Ask your bud teneder for a GSC, Heavy Hitter and you’ll be sure to find happiness.

Honey Vape also has a very nice GSC vape. Their version is sure to give you the munchies as they warn in the description. This strain consistently gives both indica and sativa side effects.


Girl Scout Cookies is a great strain to smoke with friends when you’re kicking back and chilling out. The Cannacopia team suggest that friends about to smoke Girl Scout Cookies should make sure to have the following…

A cozy environment to smoke and chill out. Hanging on a patio or smoke friendly living room is sure to bring on laughs and great conversation.

Get a movie or YouTube video to blow your mind. Something trippy to stimulate conversation and bodily sensations.

At all cost do not forget the munchies. A wide variety of salty and sweet snacks plus the phone number to your favorite take out spot.

A joint of GSC to spark serious philosophical conversations with friends.

Smoking Girl Scout Cookies is relaxing and stimulating. Its ability to provide both mind stimulation and body relaxation makes it a fan favorite to many. Finding and picking this strain is easy, as it should be with finding all cannabis strains.

Cannacopia is the only cannabis app that is designed to provide specific strains for users needs. Using Mood, Effects, Remedy and Taste users are able to customize each search based on their desires. Not only is Cannacopia a strain finding app it also is a dispensary locator. Anyone with the Cannacopia app can find licensed dispensaries around them. Cannacopia users are able to rate and review the strains they have tried.

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular strains on Cannacopia. Users respond very well to the strain. If you are looking for GSC or similar strains make sure to use Cannacopia to locate dispensaries in your area.


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