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Smoking weed for the first time

What to know before you smoke weed

If it’s your first time attempting to get your greenery on, there are a few things you should know before you take the leap. At Cannacopia, we want to not only facilitate the herb for you, but we want to help you navigate the world of marijuana. Your first time smoking can be intimidating, but we are here to guide you along. So today we are going to break down everything you should know and consider before you toke up.


As most things in life, it is important to have a plan before you start smoking. Now, when I say plan, I don’t mean that you need to have a step by step idea of how your smoke session will go, nor do you need to have your high time packed with activities you want to accomplish. What I mean is that you should have an overall idea of when you are planning to get high and where. I recommend you clear your schedule on that day at least in the hours post smoke. You never know how the cannabis will affect you or for how long, so it’s better to not have any commitments after your first time. At the end of the day you should have a general idea of when your session will take place and you should start organizing to be free of commitments at that time. Here shortly we will inform you one how to best pick your location.


The selection of where you will be smoking in important. There are some spaces that are better than others for a first time smoke session. Two good choices are somewhere in nature or in the room of your home you are most comfortable in. We recommend the comfort of your backyard if you want to be outside. Generally, laws prohibit the consumption of cannabis in public spaces, so you will want to check with your state laws if you want to do it somewhere other than a private space. Some states allow for consumption on state land including parks and beaches. This is a distinction from national parks, where it is definitely illegal to smoke marijuana. For example, although cannabis is legal in California State Parks, their National Forests are off limits in terms of cannabis use. Additionally, always check with current fire bans and be respectful of them. Also be respectful of others around you if you are in an allowable place. All that being said, it’s perhaps best to smoke the first time on your own private property or that of a friend or family member.

Being informed of your options, also consider the vibe of wherever you choose. Do you feel relaxed in that space? Is it safe and calming? If so, it is a good choice for your session. Ignoring the vibes of the space can affect your first high, so you want to make sure to consider them. You can always make a space more comfortable by introducing new elements such as soothing music, a familiar movie, or a smoke buddy, which leads us to the next piece of advice


Choosing who do smoke with is an important consideration. You want to be surrounded the first time you smoke by people you trust and who are there to guide you along the way. Having another more experienced friend available to support you can help take the edge off and also allows you to ask questions and address concerns. If you prefer to spend this time by yourself, as perhaps a personal, introspective journey, that is also perfectly okay.

More than anything, you want to avoid being surrounded by people who might negatively affect your high. Smoking with people you don’t know well or with people who are typically negative is a great way to become uncomfortable, and should of course be avoided.


As you begin to create your plan, you should definitely do some research what methods of smoking exist and how to smoke properly. There are a dozen ways to smoke flower and a variety of pieces are available to assist you. Be prepared to do further research once you have decided which method you would like to most explore. We recommend using a pipe for the first time, but joints are also a good starting point. Whichever you choose, make sure you have done your homework. Do you have a pipe? Can you roll a joint, or is there someone who can do it for you? Knowing this information is important for the smoke sesh to go on without a hitch. If you have made secured a vessel, study up on the best way to operate it.


Perhaps the biggest part of If you don’t learn how to inhale, you might not get high. Which is actually fine for a first time, many people actually do not get high their first time, but if you’ve put the effort in, you probably want results. There are many tutorials explaining how to inhale, like this one, but the basic idea is that you want to bring the smoke into your lungs so that it can be absorbed. The way I was taught, is that after you take a hit, the smoke will first stay in your mouth. From there you need to inhale the way you would if you were doing an inhale-exhale exercise. During the pause between the inhale and the exhale, you should be able to open your mouth. If smoke comes out, you did not inhale correctly.


When it comes to your first time, less is more. This is because you really have no idea how cannabis will affect you. You also don’t know where your limits are. Overstepping your bounds can lead to an uncomfortable high. So take it one hit at a time. Take pauses after your hits and allow for the effect to fully hit you before taking more. If at any point you feel sick or nervous, simply reel it back, don’t take any more hits. After you smoke for some time, you will get a feel for how much is too much, and where your limits are.


As a final piece of advice, we want you to include in your first time smoke plan a potential meal pairing for your high. Cannabis can not be separated from one of it’s most well known effects: the munchies. Cannabis will more than likely make you hungry. So stock up on your favorite chips and goodies, or even make a dish beforehand. When you’re high you may find that the flavors of your munchies are heightened making for an interesting experience.


None of the information above matters if you have the #WrongWeed, so be informed on what kind of flower you have. Some things you may want to take into consideration when you are selecting flower is the terpene profile. Budtenders should be able to help you select the best strain, but sometimes they won’t, it’s almost impossible to be versed on every strain that your dispensary has in stock. That’s okay though, at Cannacopia, we want to battle that exact problem. The Cannacopia App allows for you to enter a variety of preferences, from taste and desired effects, to THC content. Simply enter your preferences and Cannacopia will do the rest, offering you the perfect strain. The app is available in the App and GooglePlay stores.  

We hope that your experience is enjoyable and we are confident that if you keep this information in mind you will undoubtedly achieve an excellent first smoke session! Best of luck and as always, stay high.


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