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How Cannabis Can Help With Creators Block


Are you a creative artist that sometimes feels like you’re stuck between projects? Or maybe there are times where you are lacking the flow state you are normally in when creating your projects? If you said yes to any of these questions then I may have a solution to your problem and It can boost your creative mind and get you "unstuck". The answer is Cannabis.

Now I do want to say that this blog is written from the perspective of an artist. To be specific I am an online content creator, videographer and photographer. From my experience in times where I was in a creative rut and have consumed cannabis to attempt to expand my mind, it has worked great for me!


As an artist, we thrive when we are in what psychology calls the "Flow" state. In other words when we are in the ZONE! Us creatives use this state to take what amazing and sometimes crazy ideas that are in our mind and put them into the real world.

Think about times where you have felt this amazing feelings of a flow state.

Now, think about the times you didn’t feel in flow or when you're couldn’t get in the zone. You felt lost and creatively blocked. Basically, you weren’t feeling good at all and couldn’t survive in this feeling.

Well, we’ve all been there. Creativity comes to everybody differently and knowing how to nurture it will help you grow.

Check out this cool video called "Find Your Creative Flow State" by Jason Silva who is an amazing storyteller.


There have been countless times in my life as a creative where I have been in really high FLOW state and have constructed some really cool projects. And of course there have been times where I have felt LOST and asked myself what am I doing? Recently the times I’ve felt low I used cannabis to help me get in flow. Because for me it is mind-expanding.

It gives me a level of awakening that re-opens the blockage that I once felt. The youtube channel Universe inside You has great content on this subject.

You may be asking how this all connects? Well if we call the low feeling of a creative block a locked door that we can't get past. Using cannabis then helps us to open up that same door or open up a whole new one!


Now, that you have more understanding of your FLOW state and your LOW state and also how cannabis can help you re-open or completely open new doors in the creator's mind when you have a blockage, it's time to figure out what cannabis is the right choice.

If you're new to the cannabis world you may have the assumption that all cannabis has the same effect. Weed is weed, right? WRONG! Imagine you are in the creative process of the biggest project of your life and you smoke the wrong strain and end up passing out until the next day? Imagine how thrown off you will feel? This is why it's important to smoke let alone find the right strain for you need.

Cannacopia is a personalized cannabis app that lets you pick a certain strain depending on your mood and or desired effect! So as a creative, I find it really convenient that I can use this app to find a creative strain for my needs. Plus it gives me the closest dispensary that has my desired strain. Download it here to check it out.


There are many ways to get rid of creative blockage. Some people experience, some people move onto another task, and some people just have to take a break. It's important to figure out what process works best for you in this time of stress because that process will help you get back on track.

For me and a lot of other creative artists, cannabis is the perfect tool to help open the so-called flood gates from the mind.

Can cannabis help open your mind?


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