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How can cannabis affect my relationship?

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Cannabis + Relationships

Dating is hard, there’s no denying it, but what might be harder is finding love when you also love cannabis. Whether you have personal experience with cannabis and relationships, or your totally new to the weed and love scene, well today’s topic is for you. We are going to be discussing the seemingly complicated issue of how to navigate the dating pool when you’re already in a relationship...with weed that is!

Our fundamental question today is, how can cannabis affect my relationship? The good the bad, we break it down for you. 

 Helping us understand what it’s all about is Molly Peckler, founder of Highly Devoted, a platform and dating service designed for those cannabis enthusiasts looking for significant others who also feel some type of way about Mary Jane. Molly is a relationship and dating expert who before starting Highly Devoted was a leading matchmaker. A true expert, she has been with her husband for 14 years.

On this episode of the podcast, Molly shares relationship secrets and fills us in on how to go about dating and cannabis. 

First let’s outline what the issue is here. As it turns out, many cannabis consumers face difficulties when it comes to finding love. It’s not that those who use the herb are bad mates or anything like that, it’s just that a stigma still exists around cannabis and it can be hard to find someone else who is accepting of your use. This problem is multifaceted – while there might be a love interest who is not bothered by the fact that you regularly use pot, you might actually want to be with someone who is going to consume with you.

You can see how cannabis can quickly add a layer to your dating criteria. Maybe you’ve experienced this first hand or you hadn’t thought about it until now. Regardless, there is hope for you and your relationships to thrive!


Let’s take what some might consider to be a “worst case scenario.” You meet someone you really like and you get along with. Everything is going great, but you find out they don’t consume cannabis. So we have a relationship where one person is all aboard the ganja train but the other is not. Is there any possibility that it will work out or is this relationship about to sink? According to Molly, things aren’t that black and white. What matters the most is the grasp that you have on what you want from the relationship.

If you really want the person in your relationship to be your smoking buddy then don’t deny yourself that, it might spell trouble for you later. On the flip side, maybe you’re just looking for someone to accept that fact that you consume.

If the person is not bothered by your consumption, then things might pan out after all. Regardless of the situation, the key is having an open communication about your relationship wants and desires.  


Another question that arises is when we might decide to make a change in our cannabis habits for our partner. Is it ever okay to change who we are for someone else? Afterall, it’s important that we remain true to ourselves. To answer this, Molly suggests we take a look at how it is that we are using cannabis and what that says about ourselves. “Cannabis has this way of forging connections and it’s not just external connections, it’s really understanding yourself in a deeper way.”

We need to be intentional in understanding our cannabis use. If it’s something that has become unhealthy or a crutch, then maybe it’s time to analyze why and make changes. If we’re using it and it does help us be better people, be it through reducing our anxiety, helping us be more creative or focused at appropriate times, then perhaps we need to analyze the relationship and the motivation that exists for wanting us to change.

Don’t sacrifice parts of you that are important to you or that help you be your best self, not just when it comes to cannabis but relationships in general. 


 Perhaps your beyond the struggles of finding an accepting mate. Here is where the real fun begins, and it might not be a secret to you at all. As it turns out, cannabis can serve to greatly enhance a couple’s sexual experience. Without diving into the chemical reasoning of why this happens, we can say that it’s because cannabis helps us to be more present in the moment.

I doubt anyone would argue that being present is important for intimacy. However, in today’s day and age, it’s increasingly difficult for our minds not to float elsewhere during just about anything. In addition to giving you a better sense for the moment, cannabis can heighten the feelings and sensations of your body. For the most fun, Molly recommends a Granddaddy Purple strain or CBD tinctures from Whitefox.


When it comes down to it, cannabis can serve to heighten your relationships. Whether they be with a partner or yourself, cannabis has a way of forging connection. Perhaps you’ve struggled to find someone who understood your consumption, don’t lose hope, there are others out there just like you!

Never lose sight of yourself when it comes to dating. Strive to be an open communicator of what it is that you want. Sooner or later you are going to find someone who is looking to share in a mutual respect and grow in love.

When you do find that special person, use cannabis as a tool to increase your intimacy and sexual pleasure as a partnership. Overall marijuana can serve to take your relationship to the next level. If you’re still unsure that you’ll find someone who feels the same, look no further than Highly Devoted to put you on the right track. At Cannacopia, we want your life to be filled with bliss, and we know that love is a crucial component to that, so we wish you the best of luck!


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