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Cannabis that will make you happy and energetic

Sativa | Sativa-hybrid

Feeling off or looking for something to get you going? Are you curious about cannabis but afraid of becoming the typical stoner? Have no fear here Cannacopias' guide to weed ,strains that will get you off the couch and feeling happy and energetic.

Whether  your to do list getting long or your eyelids falling closed at your desk there is a strain of weed out there that can help you out. If your looking for something better than coffee to pick you up and get you going it's time to try some cannabis.

Sativa strains are known to wake you up. You will experience alertness in the mind and will be aware of whatever is happening around you. Sativa strains are known as a day time weed and will get you up and keep you going.

Maui Wowie is a classic sativa. This strain will make you happy and energized. It will help get the creative flow going. Smells very much like fresh citrus and taste sweet.  

Willie Nelson, yes this strain is named after the singer. Maybe because he liked it so much! This sativa strain will uplift your spirits and help you manage pain. It has strong earthy taste.

Jack Herer is a legend strain that cannot be missed. A true sativa that will reduce your anxiety and uplift your spirits. This strain has a smell of green citrus trees.

Hybrid, sativa dominant strains of weed will have a rejuvenating and focused effect. Sativa hybrids are commonly used to get task done creatively while keeping you body and at ease.

Chem Dawg, this hybrid strain is not for beginners as it has a high THC level. It will give you a solid head high and leave your body feeling relaxed. It smells strong, with a true smell of weed.  Check out more about this strain at Thrillst.

XJ-13 is a hybrid strain that will clear your mind and relax your body. It will allow you to work effectively without a worry in the world.  

These sativa and hybrid sativa strains will not help you sleep. Although some may give you a body high your mind will be active and alert. It is not recommend to smoke these strains if you are planning to sleep in the near future.


Vaping is a discreet way to smoke weed. You can purchase disposable pens that come in .5 or 1 gram amounts. Ask the bud tender for their favorite and with your knowledge of strains determine what you should purchase. If you don’t smoke often a disposable pen is convenient you will not have to charge it and will be able to tell when it is running out. Vape cartridges come in the same size are good for people who smoke often. Invest in a good battery because this will power the cartridges you put on. If you are asking for a hybrid strain makes sure to confirm with the budtender that it is a sativa dominate strain.

If you want to buy flower like nugs of weed. Here are a few things to consider. If you are going to be smoking it from a pipe, bong or bubbler you want to pick a higher quality flower. You will be able to taste the sweet or earthy taste of the strain. Smell a few strains at the dispensary and pick what you like best. Say you are going to a party and want to take some weed. It is common to roll a few blunts or take some joints. If you know how to roll take a look at mid shelf strains you will get more for your money. Pre-rolled joints are handy. You can often find packs that vary in price.

How you smoke weed is up to you. When it comes down to it consider a few things. What will you be doing? How will you be with and where it will be done.  Here is a look at these popular products of 2017 according to The Cannabist.

Less is more when you decide to try weed edibles. The thing with edibles is they take time to kick in. From consumption to full effects you will feel and realize it in about 30-60 minutes. When purchasing edibles look for snacks that you like to eat and the dosage available. If you are new to consuming edibles look for low dosage snacks. When you look for higher dose edibles keep note of how and when you will consume and what will be best. Here is a quick guide to consuming from PRHBTD.


Maui Waui and Jack Herer are some of Cannacopia users favorite strains. Each provide a happy high with feelings of rejuvenation. These sativa strains give a head high while also reducing anxiety. The strains are perfect for getting in the zone and completing task at hand. If you not sure which weed to try ask for Jack Herer.

The hybrid suggestions of Chem Dawg and XJ-13 are strains recommended for the average smoker. These potent strains will have both body and mind highs. With these strains you can put your worries at ease and your body to work.

Let Cannacopia do the work when it comes to you finding the perfect strain and a place to purchase it. Unlike other apps Cannacopia allows the user to customize their needs at any given moment.The solution to finding the right weed is Cannacopia a free download in the Apple apps store and Android Play Store.  Use the app to track, rate and review strains you’ve tried. See new strains and suggest ones that are not in the app. Use the app often and become an expert. Your are in control of your happiness #discoveryourbliss.

However you decide to use cannabis do it will good intentions. #discoveryourbliss is a way of life. The ability to use cannabis to relieve stress or manage daily task is a right. Cannacopia believes in a positive and productive lifestyle. By connecting consumers through the app to strains with their desired mood, effect, remedy or taste we guide users to the right weed for them. Download on the App or PlayStore.


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