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Cannabis and Valentine's

Valentine's Day Extended || Weekend Edition

If you are looking to spend some one on one time with your Valentine this year Cannacopia has a few suggestions to share.

Ahhh….February 14...the beloved Valentines Day. Many people across the globe cringe at the idea of this holiday. Many people are single others despise the Hallmark Holiday but either way some people love it and others hate it.

And lucky for us the holiday is starting to fall on the days close to the weekend. Which means you get the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the weekend too!

Smoking with people who matter

Spending quality time with someone you love on Valentine's Day Weekend is special. It doesn’t matter if your with someone romantically or not.  You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends or family.

The only woman that can make this weekend more special is...Mary Jane.

Cannabis is social, fun and romantic. There is a strain out there for anyone and any occasion.

Pick up some Purple Princess if your are smoking with someone romantically. If you’re with a group of friends or alone pick up some Jack - 47.

A romantic someone

Lucky you, if you’ve got someone special to share a joint with this Valentine’s Day. Cannabis can do many things to the body. One thing is does exceptionally well is enhance feelings in the body. If you’re looking for a cannabis strain to share with your special someone. Then we’ve got the strain for you.

Purple Princess is one of those strains that will leave your body feeling euphoric and aroused. After smoking this strain you’ll feel comfortable in your body and it the space you’re sharing with someone else.

Purple Princess is a  hybrid strain bred from Cinderella 99 and Ice Princess. It’s buds are small and dense. It has a sweet pungent smell. Your body will feel both aroused and euphoric when smoking this strain. It’s an effective hybrid because it makes you feel relaxed but not lazy or sleepy.   Smoke this strain with your Valentine for a fun and memorable night.

Kickin it  

Not everyone has a romantic someone and that’s totally okay. Practicing self care is important everyday but there is nothing wrong with a little extra TLC when it's close to Valentine’s Day. A great strain to pick up is Jack 47.

Jack 47 breed of Jack Herer and AK 47. This hybrid strain will blow you away. This sativa dominant strain will keep you up and happy. It’s known to relieve stress and reduce pain. Your body and mind should feel relaxed and euphoric.  You cannot mistake the smell of Jack 47, its sweet lemon scent is pleasing to the nose.

Jack 47 is a common strain you can find in many collectives. Be sure to check out the nugs and smell the flowers before purchasing. You’ll know if you’re into the strain if you’re into the smell.

F**k Love

And for some people Valentine’s Day is a holiday they dread. Nothing good comes of it and every year they are alone. If you are one of these people. I am sending you good vibes and love. But if you really don’t give a sh*t about it and want to knock out til February 18 then we’ve got the edibles for you.

Kiva Confections is a treat to all. These chocolate products are made with top quality ingredients and cannabis. You can truly indulge in these products. They come in varying doses and are easy to gauge how much you are consuming each time.

You might actually like the way these edibles make you feel and enjoy being awake and high one them.

**To avoid feeling overwhelmed or upset, make sure to only eat a little bit at a time. Edibles have a way of creeping up on the body.**

What to do

If you need some plans for your Valentines Weekend but don’t want to break the bank. Here are a few free suggestions.

1)Visit a Park

You’ll be amazed at all the parks in your cities or in ones close by. Do some simple research and find a place to take a stroll.

2)View Point

If you live in a city or the suburbs you can always find a good view point of the city around you. If there is absolutely no viewpoint, look for the tallest parking garage and watch sunset from there.  


If you’ve got time to kill and adventure to fulfill then go for a long long walk around your town. You can go around the same block or venture into side streets you’ve never seen before. Just get out and enjoy the fresh air.

It doesn’t matter what you do or who you do it with. As long as you’re happy and smiling your Valentine’s should be wonderful.


Finding plans can sometimes be hard but finding cannabis that works for those plan can often be harder. Cannacopia is the latest cannabis app that will help connect you to the strains you want. The Cannacopia method of finding cannabis is easy. First you select the mood you’d like to be in, the effects you want from a strain, the remedy you’re looking to relieve and then a taste you desire. From your search Cannacopia will suggest a series of strains you should try. The app also connects you to licensed dispensaries in your area. Find cannabis using Cannacopia. Download it today!


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