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Strain Highlight: Critical Jack

December is upon us and 2019 is just a few weeks away.

How has your 2018 gone?

Did you accomplish all your goals?

If you are wondering where your year went, but can take a look around your space and see bits of the seasons laying around. Chances are you missed  “spring cleaning” and are in desperate need of getting things in order before 2019 comes knocking on your door.

Now, before the madness of the holidays is a good time to tackle a cleaning job. The sandals laying around from summer and dusty corners need to be cleaned up. If you have no idea where to start, don’t fret.

The Cannacopia team has put together this perfect guide to getting high and cleaning your house. There are a few things you’ll need to make sure to have in order before you get ready to set your space right. We’re going to suggest which strain to purchase, which cleaning products to purchase, using sage, picking music and how to tackle the task of cleaning.

So, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work, let’s go!


The first step to getting yourself in the right mindset to clean is picking up some Critical Jack. Critical Jack is a hybrid sativa strain that when smoked promotes mental simulation and a happy overall feeling. A cross of Critical Plus and Jack Herer this strain has an overwhelming citrus scent that instantly brightens up the atmosphere. It will reduce your anxiety and promote a positive attitude focused on the task of cleaning.

One of the great things users experience when smoking Critical Jack is a lifted sense of happiness and the ability to think clearly and productively. As you smoke more the body euphoria increases and as you come down from your high this strain will not leave you feeling sluggish or low.

If you are located in the Los Angeles area head over to Save Greens on Venice Blvd. This is where we picked up an 8th for $30. You can also use the Cannacopia app to find the nearest licensed dispensary in your area.


You’ve got your weed, the next thing to make sure you have stocked is cleaning products. To some people cleaning products aren't fun but if you’re excited about your cleaning products you have a greater chance of being excited about cleaning.

Getting real with cleaning is an important step in self care and as you enter 2019 you want to make sure to leave all the negative aspects of your life out of the equation.

And when you think about it your cleaning products should not be full of chemicals that are toxic for you and your environment.

To avoid using products full of harsh chemicals try and pick up a few items off this list.  Most of these items come from Target and range in price. If you set aside $25 you’ll be able to get a few things you need without causing harm with chemicals.

Get real about your cleaning task and invest in products that you’ll like to use.


After you’ve got your weed, your cleaning products all that's left to get is, sage. Sage is a great way to clear the energy in your space and it smells good paired with the smell of cannabis. If you’ve never used sage before when cleaning your space check out the    11 Benefits of Burning Sage.  Sage is used to move and clear energies in your space. It’s scent is grounding and will help you move through your home with ease as you get real with cleaning and move everything around.  

(This as with anything else suggested in this list in optional.)


Setting the tone for cleaning is essential to the process. And naturally music is apart of that process. When you pick your method of consuming Critical Jack make sure to pair it with the right tunes, if you’re open to listening to something different pick any of these playlist below.

This  is a live set from a festival. This set will get you moving and have your head bobbing up and down as you tackle the task of cleaning your space.

Mac Miller passed away late 2018 and will forever be missed. His tunes will have your mind drifting in thought about everything while cleaning well.  

This classic band can be counted on to make you feel nostalgic as you get to cleaning and organizing your space.

6 Steps to Cleaning your Space

When it comes to cleaning everyone has their own flow but if you don’t follow this 6 step process.  

Step 1. Smoke a joint of Critical Jack

Step 2. Start in your bedroom. Put everything away as you’d like it to be. If that means refolding clothes or getting trash from under your bed do it. Clean the entire room up and down. Dust and clean mirrors and windows. Vacuum rugs and then tidy up the floor. Sweep it up take a look around make sure you like the way it feels. Smile in the mirror, move on.

Step 3. Move to all your living areas. If you live in a tiny apartment or a mansion. Clean any common shared space room. Tidy up and organize what is in disarray. Dust and wipe up any areas that need attention. Vacuum rugs get them off the floor and sweep. Double check your work, move on.

(Smoke break optional)

Step 4. Head to the kitchen turn the music up, putting gloves on is suggested. Spray everything down wipe it up. Move everything around spray and wipe up again. Clean the stove and the fridge. Level up the cleaning and go through any item that's expired or never been used. Wipe everything down again. Make sure the table is clear of items and wiped down. Sweep a couple times, make sure to move chairs and get around and under the table and appliances.

It may take longer than you expect to get your kitchen. Smoke break suggested before you move onto the bathroom.)

Step 5. As you tackle the bathroom you may want to switch your gloves to bathroom cleaning gloves. Or make sure to wash your gloves thoroughly before and after you use them. Spray the shower and tub down.  Spray your vanity area and sink. Wipe it down really good and make sure it looks and smells clean. Move back to the shower. Spray it and wipe it down. Then get a magic eraser and wipe it all down really well. Wash everything down. You may see scum you didn't know was there come off. Clean the toilet bowl with a scrub and wipe it down. If there is one place in the house you should avoid laziness it's in the bathroom. Make sure its a lot cleaner than before you started. Switch rugs, take out trash and sweep it up.

Step 6. Final step, sweep the whole house again in one shot. Take the trash out. Come Back mop your room, common areas, kitchen and bathroom last.  Take a look around smile. You did it.


As 2019 knocks on your door you’ll welcome it with open arms because you’ve cleaned up after 2018.

Cannacopia suggest Critical Jack because it is the perfect strain to get the task of deep cleaning done.  Its high is uplifting and allows you to focus on what you need. It’s the cleaning strain.

Cannacopia guides users to strains based on their needs or desires. If you want to find strains based on your desired mood, effect, remedy or taste then download Cannacopia. It’s the only app on the market that allows users to customize cannabis searches. Download it for free today!


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