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How to smoke and relax

Who is having fun adulting? Seriously, who is having fun paying rent and making sure all the bills are paid? A quick guess, but I don’t think many adults enjoy the hard truths of making ends meet.

All adults have some form of responsibility that keeps them tied down to a daily routine of getting shit done.

School or work, either of those suck most of the time from a day. Then for those of you who have kids. Getting them feed, educated and cleaned takes the rest of your day. And for those with dogs, you always have to take them for walks and better yet picking up their poop.

Good humans pick up their dogs shit!

But what I’m saying is adults have a lots of pressures in day to day life.

What sort of fun things can be done to elevate the routine of life?

Some adults go to the gym but when they leave are the more relaxed? Or does it feel good to get something done that is ‘supposed’ to be done? For some going to the gym is just another thing to get gone. And for others the thought of getting there stresses them out.

Going to the movies is a great way to mix up a day but getting through LA traffic to make a 7:00 showing is often impossible.

Lots of adults love to read. Yet the action of picking up a booking and sitting down to read it hardly happens. Why? Cause there are three plus screens calling your attention.

So, how can an adult actually relax and unwind without having something commanding their attention?

They do….nothing.



Not one thing.

I heard a Spanish proverb once and its goes like this ‘How wonderful to do nothing and rest afterwards.’

With today’s fast pace society many people have forgot about the art of doing nothing. And as unconventional as that sounds, some adults have a very hard time doing nothing. As they have been wired to always be doing or seeing something.

For those who fall under that category there is something that can help.


Cannabis is a great, natural and harmless plant that can help you unwind and do nothing.

For adults who are unsure about cannabis or getting high, don’t fret. There is CBD.

CBD is a non psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that promotes healing and relaxation. CBD is legal in most US states and available to purchase in many forms. Here are 3 CBD brands that you can use to help you relax and unwind

OC Pharm has a variety of CBD products including edibles and vapes.

CBD Living has just about anything CBD available for purchase online

Papa & Barkley has CBD and THC body care products that vary in ratio.

Now, for the fun stuff. Getting high and doing nothing.

Most adults need to chill out and do nothing for a few hours. Having time to think and just process the existence of being alive seems so unmanageable for many. But if you try one of the following strains doing nothing will be exactly what you want to do.

BC Sweeth Tooth - Indica - Relax

Neptune OG - Indica - Calm

Banna Kush - Hybrid - Sleepy

OG Kush - Hybrid - Faded

Tahoe OG- Indica - Happy

Cannabis is for everyone. No matter what effects you are looking to for or any issues you are looking to relieve their is a form of cannabis that can help you. Now, like everything else your effort is needed in making a choice.

But we are talking about the art of doing nothing.

And when it comes to picking cannabis there is an app that will help you do nothing and everything at the same time.

Cannacopia, this app helps users find strains of cannabis for their specific needs. It educates users on strains of cannabis and their attributes. Users become familiar with specific strains and are educated on what they prefer by allowing Cannacopia to do all the hard work. The only thing a user needs to know is what they want and the app will show them strains that can do those things. Other that it's strain personalization capabilities the app also shows users local dispensaries their area. No matter what part of town you are in Cannacopia can show you the way to the nearest dispensary. Keep track of all the strains you’ve tried by writing reviews after you’ve tried them.

The art of doing nothing is just that, an art. Allow cannabis and Cannacopia to guide you into the ultimate experience of unwinding and relaxing. Light it up, and do nothing.


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