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Strains to smoke after work

Cannacopia is a strain finding application that helps users find strains of cannabis based on their needs or desires. Our app allows users to search for strains based on mood, effects, remedy and taste. Users are provided with strains that have the attributes to what they are looking for and others that are similar. The application also shows users where dispensaries are in their area. The ability to personalize each search is what makes Cannacopia standout.

We’ve recently picked 3 of our most popular strains Orange Crush, Gorilla Glue and LA Confidential. We picked 2 hybrid and 1 indica. These strains are great for anytime in the late afternoon to night. Think of these strains as your after work go to picks. Sometimes we get off work and have no energy do to anything or get anything done. But if you smoke one of these 3 strains you’re sure to enjoy the rest of your evening.

Let’s say you’re about to get off work and would like to spend the evening cleaning your apartment and smoking a joint. Pick up some Orange Crush and roll it up. This sativa dominant hybrid will have you feeling happy and rejuvenated. You’ll be able to clean every room of your home without feeling the least bit anxious. This sweet strain pairs well with a fruit juice or smoothie. You’ll be sure to get any task done after smoking some Orange Crush.

Now, imagine you’ve had a long day at work and need to just sit and do nothing. You want to smoke something but you’re not ready to fall asleep on the couch. If this is the case you need to pick up some Gorilla Glue. This indica dominant hybrid will allow you to sit and relax without making you fall asleep. When you pack a bowl of Gorilla Glue, sit back and enjoy a calming sensation that will ease any pain. This is a great strain to kick back and listen to some music. Smoke Gorilla Glue and your evening will be enjoyable as you unwind from the day.

Afternoons can seem to drag on, either early mornings or late nights make the day seem endless. Sometimes all you need is a little pick me up or something to chill you out . If you are curious about cannabis and want to incorporate it into your daily life we suggest using it after work. This will allow for the least probability of you having a bad time. After you’ve had a long day set yourself up to have an enjoyable evening. A walk in the park while smoking a joint can really set the tone for your evening. Or smoking a bowl before cooking dinner will lead to an enjoyable cooking and eating experience. Allowing yourself to be in a comfortable state of mind before getting high is important to enjoying your time. Let go of any stress and let the cannabis help you out.

If you’re looking for a strain to get you to sleep then pick up some LA Confidential. This indica strain is perfect if you’re looking to drift off to sleep. After you’ve finished your evening task hop in the shower and slip into your pajamas. Once you’re set for sleep roll up some LA Confidential and smoke yourself to sleep. You can expect your mind to feel calm and your body to completely relax. This earthy strain will relieve any pent up stress and help your ease body to sleep.

Some nights can seem endless. Stress from work or just the daily grind can often keep people up at night. Using an indica strain in the evening will set your mind and body at peace. Indica strains are great to simulate the mind while allowing the body to drift into a relaxed state.

The amount of cannabis strains on the market today are endless. When a user walks into the store they are bombarded with strains and products. If someone is unsure or unaware of their options picking something can seem like a daunting task. For this exact reason we have created Cannacopia. This free application is available in IOS and Android. It is the only customizable app on the market. Users can discover cannabis strains for their specific needs. Cannacopia uses slider buttons to personalize a criteria, after a user is set they click GO. The app will then share which strain is best and also similar strains. Users can also become familiar with dispensaries in their area. No matter where you are or what time of day it is Cannacopia can customize your cannabis based on your needs. Download today and ‘Discover Your Bliss’.



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