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What weed is good for pain?

What weed is good for pain?

Cannabis is beneficial for many things. Sleepless nights or endless days, cannabis can help you get through anything. For many Americans living with pain is a daily obstacle all struggle with. Modern medicine steers patients toward prescription drugs to manage pain. Yet, these drugs often lead to a downward spiral. Leaving patients with little to no options.

Today however, many patients can find some form of cannabis to treat pain. Cannabis is a natural alternative to prescription medications.


Cannabis can be used as an alternative to prescription medications. THC and CBD forms of cannabis can help users manage pain and alter moods. For those who live in states where cannabis is not medically or recreationally legal you can use CBD.

CBD is available in many forms for people all over the US. CBD is great for those who aren’t looking for an altered state or ‘high’ feeling. CBD effects the body and helps it relax. If you want to learn more about CBD check out this article.

THC is cannabis that provides users with the sensation of being high or stoned. THC is great if you are looking to manage chronic pain and want an alternative to prescription medication. Cannabis is also used as an anti-inflammatory. THC relaxes the nervous system and promotes rejuvenation in the body.

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal you’ll be able to locate any of these strains.


Sativa strains are best for day time and early afternoon use. Sativa strains will help you get through the day with ease and improve your mood and energy.

Jack Herer is a classic sativa strain that will help ease pain and keep you awake throughout the day. After using this strain you’ll feel happy and rejuvenated. It’s earthy taste is nice and clean. Jack Herer is a very common strain and can be found in flower, concentrates and vapes.

A great vape cartridge to look out for is HoneyVape Jack Herer. “Jack Herer has the best chance of giving the body what the body needs in the moment for healing.” -HoneyVape


Hybrid strains provide a balance for users. They provide users with the stimulating pain relief and alertness.

White Widow is a hybrid strain that can be used to provide pain relief and energy. Using this strain can promote happiness and reduce anxiety. If you can find this strain on the shelves, make sure you grab it.

If you are looking for a hybrid strain to help you get through the day and manage your body pain then make sure to pick up AK-47. This earthy strain is commonly used to suppress pain.


Indica strains are great for pain management and sleep. They promote extreme relaxation in the body which allows pain to disperse. Indica strains are also known to put users to sleep. If you’re having trouble managing pain and getting some good rest try one of the following strains.

Grand Daddy Purple also known as GDP. This strain is breed to help manage pain and assist in getting to sleep. It’s common to find this strain on shelves or in vape cartridges. After smoking this strain you can expect your stress to dissolve and for your body to fall into a calming state. These purpleish nugs have a sweet taste.

BlackBerry Kush is an indica strain that will help numb your pain. This strain promotes stress relief. If you need to relax your mind and body then take a hit from this. It is common to find this strain on the shelf in flower form. Ask your budtender if they have it.

Budtenders are great! They are connected to cannabis and extremely knowledgeable. But your local bud tender doesn’t always have time to share their knowledge. It can be daunting trying to find a specific strain for your needs with only a few minutes to make a purchase. If you are looking to gain knowledge in cannabis strains, then you need Cannacopia.


Cannacopia is a strain finding app that connects users to strains based on their needs. You can select your desired mood, effect, physical remedy and taste then search. The app will connect you to a strain. This strain will have what you’re looking for and will also show you similar strains. You can also search for strains based on one desired effect. The possibilities are endless as the app will share new strains based on your searches.

Cannacopia can also be used as a dispensary locating app. It shows users licensed dispensaries in their area. If you own a dispensary, make sure to claim it. It’s free!

Keep track of the strains you try within the app. Leave reviews and engage with other cannabis users. Cannacopia believes in bliss. Download the app today! #discoveryourbliss


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