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Collectives in Los Angeles

A guide to Cannabis is Los Angeles

The week is off to the races. Sometimes all you need is a little boost to get your week going.

Now that cannabis is recreationally legal in California adults 21 and older can walk into any recreational dispensary and purchase cannabis legally. 2018 we made it! Now what to buy and where to buy it.


There are four types of cannabis.

  • Sativa- Day time use cannabis that will give you a head high and energetic feeling.

  • Hybrid- A cross of 2 strains this type of cannabis will give you a balanced high.

  • Indica- Night time use cannabis that will produce a body high with euphoric sensations.

  • CBD- Non psychoactive cannabis that has healing properties.

Depending on your desires you will be able to choose from a variety of smoking  or eating options. Doing some research prior to your purchase can alleviate some stress.

We are going to give you a lay of the land of collectives in Los Angeles. From downtown to the coast there are 100’s of collectives that are open to the public.  

A visit to any of these collectives will be worth your while wherever you live but this is Los Angeles and traffic is a constant. We suggest finding a collective that in en route to any of your destinations.

When looking for a collective to visit make sure to check the following:

  • Medical or Recreational

  • What taxes they charge

  • Products you are interested in

Cannabis is California has gone mainstream but it has not been  streamlined. What we mean by this is each collective operates on its own price scale and tax rules. Each collective  also carries different brands at a variety of price points. Doing some research before carn save you time.

Los Angeles (downtown to the coast) is full of collectives here is our top 10:

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Patients Group (DTPG) is a great local collective. Right off the freeway this collective is great for medical and recreational patients alike. Fresh flower and deals daily. Open 8 a.m.-10 p.m.  everyday. Visit the website here.

AHPS the second home of Jungle Boys. You can find all the flavors here from Wedding Cake to Topanga Canyon true Jungle Boys strains. Check out all the flavors here.


Mary Jane’s Collective is now doing recreational sales. With 10 years of service in Los Angeles they have their service down to a craft. Seed to patient cannabis is what sets this shop a part. Read their mission.

Central Los Angeles

New Age Care Center is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7:45 p.m.  With products that will blow your mind this collective already included tax in their prices. Check out this location.

South Los Angeles

LA Cannabis Co. previously known as Dr.Kush World is your go to spot in south LA.  Order online and pick up in store.

Mid Town

Mecca Natural Medicine is a medical dispensary that provides first time patients with a Drs. Recommendation. Daily deals and CBD flower keeps us coming back to this shop. Click into their website to see more.  

West Los Angeles

Westside Meds is a local collective located in between Venice Blvd and Robertson. Best time to visit is in the morning between 10-11 a.m. and Monday or Tuesday before 6pm.

New Amsterdam Naturals is a great collective for medical patients. It has reasonable prices but menu prices do not show added tax. If you visit Monday or Tuesday no tax for medical patients. Go here.

Santa Monica / Venice

A quick stop on your way to the beach Erba Collective just became  approved for recreational use. First time patient deal is 20% off your first 5 orders.

Save Greens is your go to shop if you are looking for a variety of price points. Open for recreational use this collective and the helpful staff is there to serve you til midnight. Go to spot for late night cannabis is Los Angeles.  

If you work in Los Angeles take look around on your daily commute and look for local collectives in your area. They are everywhere and hold a variety of THC and CBD products. If you are completely new to cannabis doing some research prior to visiting a collective can give you a sense of confidence when you walk into a shop.

A variety of brands and products flood the market daily. If you are unsure what you like Cannacopia a mobile application that can not only introduce you to cannabis but give you detailed strain information.

Cannacopia is a free download and here the user can have a customized cannabis experience. The app tailors a user's needs and desires and provides a strain for them. Both iPhone and Android users can download the app.

Cannacopia provides users with vital information for a positive cannabis experience. Committed to a ‘Discover Your Bliss’ lifestyle Cannacopia understands everyone's cannabis needs vary and strives to provide the clearest information.  

This blog is here to guide users into the world of cannabis with a sense of confidence and leave a sense of curiosity. Cannabis can be used in a variety of ways for a surplus of reasons. Take the guesswork out of strain hunting and download Cannacopia.  


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