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A guide to hiking high

Finally, hot summer days have arrived. Time to get up, get out and enjoy the sunshine.

If you are looking to go hiking and want to take some Mary Jane on the trails with you, read on. This guide will give you some tips and tricks for proper trail etiquette.


Smoking outdoors can be refreshing and relaxing. Being surrounded by trees and bugs will ground just about anyone. Although you may indulge in all the benefits of cannabis, not all hikers share the same enthusiasm. Here are a few things to keep in mind while smoking outdoors.

DO NOT smoke near children. This is simple if you seem them don’t be blowing smoke. Be mindful that outdoors kids are curious and the last thing you want is a parent scolding you.  

DO step of the trail. If you are hiking along and see a good spot to walk off the trail and hide in some trees, do it. This is the perfect time to bring out the joints or blunts because the smell may travel but hopefully you won’t be seen.

DO NOT carry your bong or piece out and about. Be as discreet as you can be with smoking tools. No need to bring attention to yourself.

DO pack out all and any trash you create. Wraps, roaches and snacks should all be packed out and the space should be cleaner than when you left it.

Spending time outdoors is great and with some cannabis the adventure is truly magical. For the most part other hikers aren’t bothered by it. But, you may encounter some backlash. If you follow the guideline you should be just fine. Make sure to enjoy yourself and be mindful.

Get high, feel alive.


Being outdoors gives you the opportunity to try something new. If you usually use a vape maybe try a joint. Or if you are use to eating low does edibles get a vape and smoke throughout your hike. Here is a list of some cannabis products in LA.

Joints- Lowell Farms Pre-Rolls – These sun grown and organic prerolls come prepacked with matches and everything. Lowell Farms products are responsibly grown so you’ll feel good smoking something grown with care.

Blunts – Barewoods – These are for avid smokers. If you are looking to treat yourself and your hiking crew pick up one of these Barewoods made with premium flower. This blunt will really elevate your experience.

Edibles – FlavRX Watermelon Rings- FlavRX has award winning products that are always all natural. You can find a variety of different edibles but their Watermelon Rings are refreshing!

Vapes – PureVape Disposable - PureVape has a variety of cartridge and disposable pen options. Indica, hybrid and sativa they have it all. Perfect for getting high on the go without anyone noticing.

Drinks- Cannabis Quencher - These tasty drinks are sure to elevate your hiking experience. You can choose from flavors and doses to make sure you are in control of your high. You can pack these in your bag and drink on the go.

CBD- CBD Water - Living CBD water is great for pre and post recovery. Refreshing and revitalizing CBD water will help heal your body as you explore the outdoors.


If you live in Los Angeles it may seem impossible to get out of the 3 lanes of back to back traffic. But in reality just a few miles in any direction there are trails just waiting to be explored. When heading on a trail it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish. Don’t set out for a 3 mile trek and then decide to head up 7 miles in one direction. Always have a plan and do research on the trail.

Here are 2 simple hikes in Los Angeles County that are simple, challenging and submerged in nature.

Bridge to Nowhere

This fun and moderately challenging hike leads you to a bridge that literally goes nowhere. This is a 10 mile hike round trip. But don’t worry if you aren’t keen on seeing the bridge or hiking 10 miles. You can get head to this place and find somewhere to relax and enjoy nature. There is a river that runs through and families often come to this area to spend the day and enjoy. Check out more about this hike here.

Eaton Canyon

If you are looking for a simple hike under 4 miles this is the one. At the end of this trail you will see a waterfall. Ohhh...Ahhhh. It is a crowded hike so getting out of eyes view might be difficult. It would be nice to enjoy some edibles at the start of the hike and  take your time. Bring along a vape and you’ll be set for smoking as you go. For information on this trail look here.


Hiking is fun. Hiking hungry and thirsty is not fun.  Here is a list of 5 things you should bring on your hike to ensure you have the most enjoyable time.

Water-Enough to not have to ration yourself

Snacks-Not a buffet, just something to hold you over

Map-Can be as simple as screenshot on phone

Sun protection- Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses

A positive attitude + Mary Jane

When it comes to the outdoors and hiking you just have to get out there. Make a plan and commit yourself to it. Even just putting your feet in the water 1 mile in can really liven your day.


The daily grind can seem mundane. Wake up, work, eat, workout, sleep, relax, clean etc. The list goes on and on of things that need to get done. But now more than ever it is important that we set aside time to get outside. Finding place to hike is only a few clicks away and finding some Mary Jane to take with you is just a download away.

Cannacopia is a strain finding app available on the Play Store or App Store. It is designed to help each user find cannabis strains that are right for them.  Using the 4 buttons to slide to your desired mood, physical effects, medical remedy and taste Cannacopia will introduce you to a strain and similar strains with your desires. The application will also connect you to local collective where a variety of products can be found.  Cannabis is now recreationally legal now in CA, use Cannacopia to find what's right for you.


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