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Strains that will help you focus

Stay on task. Get work done. Be productive.

These are things any working or studying person may want when trying to focus. Yet, sometimes the hardest thing to do is sit down and do it. Focusing does not come naturally to everyone and sometimes is doesn’t come at all. So, what do you do when you can’t focus but need to get task done? Music, meditation and a reset may work but if you need a little aid, try using cannabis.

Cannabis has many benefits and helping people focus is one of them. What helps one focus is dependent on themselves but these guidelines will show you how to use cannabis to focus.


Sativa strains are commonly used during the day. They provide an uplifting head high that will keep you buzzed throughout the day.

Cinex is a sativa strain that will induce productivity and will help you focus. This sativa has a wonderful taste and will set you up to get stuff done.

Hybrid strains that help you focus will give you an energetic and uplifting buzz. They leave a user feeling euphoric and creative.

Silver Surfer is a sativa hybrid. It is a cross between Super Silver Surfer and Blue Dream. It will activate your mind. This strain is good for meetings and group work where participation is key.

Lemon Jack is another hybrid strain. It is a cross between Jack Herer and Lemon Kush. It has a citrus and lemon taste. It is a potent strain that is energizing yet also great for focusing.

If you want a more extensive list of strains to help you focus check out this article by CannabisNow. Also here is another list done by Marijuana Break.


  • Tolerance levels- If you are new to cannabis you must understand that you have a low tolerance level. What this means is that when you use cannabis you will be able to feel its effects quickly. It will feel unfamiliar but as you use it more and understand how you react you will build a tolerance to the “stoned” feeling. Avid cannabis user are less likely to feel overwhelmed with a small amount as it will take more to get them “stoned”. Tolerance levels are very personal nobody can gauge how you will react. For this purpose it is imperative that each user takes responsibility for themselves and uses cannabis responsibly.

  • Amount- How much you smoke will affect how you react to it. If you are new to cannabis and decide to smoke a .5 gram joint in one session you may not like how it will make you feel. It is important to remember that if you take a little you can always have more but you take a lot you can’t take less. Along with the amount you intake also consider the timing in which you start to feel it. Always allow time for the cannabis to kick in.

  • Environment- Wherever you decide to take cannabis always make sure it is in a responsible place. If you are going to be in a calm and controlled environment you will enjoy the feeling. If you are in a high stress place with everyones eyes on you, smoking cannabis may not be the best choice. Always consider where you will be when consuming cannabis.

  • Intention- What you do and how you do it will have an effect on how you feel when smoking. Setting an intention prior to smoking will help you stay on task. Creating a short list of things you need to get done will help you prioritize your task.

  • Education about cannabis and how you will react to it will keep you at ease. Knowing how you react to cannabis is imperative to your experience. Do not put yourself in a situation your are unfamiliar with. Responsibility is key when using cannabis. Learn more about cannabis and how it affects focus here, article by Merry Jane.


To help you focus and get you on task we believe using a vape is the most efficient. A simple go to pen will get you in the right mindset to complete your task.

This cartridge by Aces is called ‘Energize’ it is a full sativa cartridge. It is designed to get you focused and productive.

Next, we recommend is a pure CBD vape. It is  a product of Select and is there ‘Focus’ vape. This vape will have no psychoactive effects and will not get you high but will get you focused with just a hint of peppermint taste.

However you choose to consume cannabis make sure you are getting the right product or strain for your needs.


Choosing the right kind of cannabis for you needs can be overwhelming if you are unsure or unfamiliar with strains.  Luckily, there is an app for that...Cannacopia is a strain finding application that allows users to explore strains based on their specific needs. Whether you are looking for a strain to help you focus or get you creative, Cannacopia will show you what is available.

Cannacopia goes off your desired mood, effect, remedy and taste. You slide the buttons to the levels of your liking then click ‘Go’. A strain will be suggested and its description will also be available, along with a strain similar strains. Next, you are able to locate local collectives. These collectives may not always have the specific strain but if you ask for something similar they will be able to point you in the right direction.   

Cannacopia is here to help you  ‘Discover Your Bliss’. Cannabis education can be an endless tunnel of information. Using Cannacopia not only will educate you about the type of cannabis but most importantly the types of cannabis that work for you.


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