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Smoking weed outside

It is going to be a beautiful Cinco De Mayo weekend in Los Angeles. With the bars getting crowded and the drinks getting costly, maybe you should consider skipping the drinks and opting for cannabis. With the weather and sun just right it might be time to get high outside.

As far as smoking outside goes you can do so in various ways. You can head outside and find a good view. Being a scenic toker is someone who goes on a little journey to find a perfect smoke spot. Or you can chill in the backyard or beach  smoke and watch the day pass. If your friends are heading out for the evening you can tag along too and be a social smoker. There are many ways to smoke and get outside.

Los Angeles is full of amazing sites and collectives. In just about every part of town you can find a place to pick up and smoke out. Remember keep an eye out for the police and be mindful of your surroundings.

Whether you are with a group of friends or riding solo here is Cannacopias’ guide to: Getting high outside.


Scenic smoking is one of our favorites ways to get outside. Something about nature and a drifting mind puts the body in a great state of being. Although, it is ILLEGAL to smoke outside in many places you can get away with if you are smart. Here are a few tips to stay safe.

First, you must always be mindful of who is around. If you see children or families, find a spot where you can’t be seen or sniffed out. Weather also plays a role in your location. If you are in a windy or very dry place, do not let the ash get away.  And also make sure to put it out completely and take your trash with you. If you feel confident in smoking joints or blunts find a spot off the beaten path and enjoy yourself.

Tip: Don’t go too far off, you gotta remember to get back. Vape pens work great for smoking on the go or at a view. The consistent and discreet hits from vape pens are sure to get you high.

If you are in Los Angeles get out Bridge to Nowhere or Elysian Park.


Because it is Cinco de Mayo weekend in Los Angeles many people will be heading out. If you plan on going too but want to avoid drinking, pick up a vape pen.

Vape pens are easy to use and very discreet. Make sure you are in a smoking section and do not be obvious that you are smoking cannabis. If you act like you know what you are doing chances are you won't be messed with.

If you are looking for a bar with a view in Los Angeles check out The Hotel Erwin in Venice or The Ace Hotel in DTLA.


Sunday is one of the best days to blaze. The slow chill vibe of a Sunday sets the mood just right.

If you or a friend have a backyard set yourself for a relaxing time. A few chairs, music, snacks and some cannabis treats is all you need for a good time. If you’re alone sit back in the yard, light one up and enjoy the daze.

Sunday sunsets at the beach are great too. The wind may get in your way but if you come prepared you’ll be set. Bring a few pre-rolled joints, blunts, a lighter and a towel for wind coverage.  As the sun starts to set light it up. Keep an eye out for patrol and once again stay away from families.

Smoking on a Sunday is something special, enjoy.


Vape pens are such a discrete and efficient way to smoke in public. We’ve found that we can take a pen and vape just about anywhere. Here are a couple of our favorite pens…

Disposable Pen: Oasis CO2 This disposable pen is tiny and mighty. Just a few hits and you will feel good. Sativa, hybrid and indica strains are available.

Vape Cartridge: Potters Cannabis Co.  These cartridges are great. Not only do they provide detailed strain information but it comes with a happy reminder note.

Pre-rolled joints are convenient and packaged nicely. Sometimes having a pre-roll ready to go is just what you need to get the day started. Here are a  couple of our favorite brands.

7-Pack joints : Lucky 420s  is a five gram pack of pre rolled joints. These pre-rolls come in clever packaging and look very similar to a cigarettes.

Extreme Preroll: Presidential  pre-rolls are next level. These have top shelf cannabis, CO2 honey and then rolled in kief. These will take you out of your mind.  (Caution: these are for experienced smokers)

Whatever product you choose make sure to do some research on which strains will work for you.


If all of this sounds great but you are not sure about the cannabis strains or shops. Don’t worry. Cannacopia is a strain finding app that will connect users to strains based on their desired mood, effect, remedy and taste.  With a few quick swipes you’ll be connected to strains that are based off your desires. You will also be connected to local dispensaries where items can be purchased. Cannacopia is your guide to cannabis. From strains to collectives, all the information you need is in the app. Download today for  free in the App store and Play store. Discover Your Bliss.




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