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How to buy and smoke cannabis


Californians  are in a really lucky place right now. Any adult over the age of 21 can walk into a recreational dispensary and purchase cannabis. Those who have always been curious about cannabis now have the ability to act on those curiosities.

Buying cannabis can feel like a daunting experience but it is a pretty routine transaction. When you find a dispensary you want to go into, here is how it will go.

You will let the front desk person know you are a ‘first time patient’. You will fill out paperwork and hand over your ID. Every time you visit a new dispensary you will have to fill out paperwork. Otherwise if you are returning to the same location take your ID. You will not be allowed in without an ID or with an expired ID. This is the law and most if not all locations will follow it. Also, make sure the dispensary you are visiting is for recreational sales.

Here is a quick break down of the regulations for purchasing legal cannabis in California,provided by Merry Jane.

The person selling you the products is your budtender and are available to answer any of your questions. When you are looking at products have an idea of what you want to get. 

Bud tenders are really helpful because they know the products they are selling. Also, as people who use cannabis they can offer a personal opinion on strains and products. Always ask the budtender what they like, if you are unsure and need some guidance.

When you purchase cannabis make sure to budget one extra dollar for tip, it is a simple gesture that goes a long way.


Sativa strains are commonly known as a daytime smoke. They create a sense of creativity and alertness. The high will linger in your head and awaken your senses. If you want to smoke something strong look for a strain with high THC content. If you want to avoid feeling too stoned ask for something that is more mild.

Hybrid strains offer a great balance. Many people prefer hybrid strains because they give both a body and head high. Again you can find strains that vary in THC depending on what it is you prefer.

Indica strains will give you a body high. Often used in the evening or night these strains will help you relax.

When you decide which type of cannabis you are looking for then you must decide how much you want to spend. The personal question will always come down to quality or quantity. Like alcohol cannabis is priced based on quality of the product. 1 gram of cannabis can range from $8-$28 dollars a gram. For an eighth you can spend from $20-$70 dollars.

After picking a price range take a look at a few strains. Smell the jars and take a look at the nugs. See what you are attracted to. Some like a sweet citrus smell others like it potent and earthy. Go with what appeals to your senses most.

If you are still unsure what to purchase read this article from the Sacramento Bee.


Things you will need to pack a bowl. A smoking vessel, cannabis and lighter. Helpful accessories is a grinder, tray and ash bowl.

Packing cannabis into a bowl is simple. If you are smoking out of a pipe make sure it is cleaned out and that the hole isn't too big. Same if you are using a bubbler, but make sure to add water. Not too much, just enough to fill the bottom of the bubbler. And if you are smoking a bong make sure to have clean bong water.

Grab your cannabis and break it up, if you have a grinder go and grind up enough for the bowl. Pack the bowl the more weed you put in the longer it will last. When you light the bowl place it in the corner and light a small section up. This will ensure you get the most green as possible.

As you smoke the bowl you will notice the weed start to burn and go away. As you get to the end of the bowl you will see it almost white and empty. At this point stop lighting the weed, clean out the bowl and pack another. If you just pack a little weed try and smoke it all in one hit.

After every session clean your piece and dump out the water. This will keep your smoking tools clean.


If you want to roll your weed and smoke it in a joint or a blunt you have to pick some papers. When looking for joint papers try and get a natural product. Avoid anything with chemicals, usually papers with designs have chemical ink.

For blunts Swishers and Backwoods are very popular wraps. You can also look for other types of leaves that are chemical free. Keep an eye out for hemp wraps. These are often your most natural option.

You have an option of adding a crutch to what you are rolling up. Crutches serve as a filter between the cannabis and your mouth.

When it comes to rolling, practice will be your best friend. Some people are naturals others need a little more help.

Check out this video of Seth Rogen teaching you how to roll a joint provided by Merry Jane .


Smoking cannabis is a personal experience. Some smoke to manage pain or relieve stress. Many use cannabis to enhance creativity and awareness.  No matter what the reasons cannabis provides relief. With it you have the ability to ‘Discover Your Bliss’.

To ‘Discover Your Bliss’ means to reach a state of perfect happiness. A harmony between the mind and the body. Cannacopia is a mobile app that helps users reach this state every day through its ability to narrow down strains based on a users needs.

Using desired mood, effect, remedy and taste Cannacopia narrows down strains based on each search. Users can rate, track and review strains they have tried. Download Cannacopia and find a strain for your needs get it free on the App or Playstore.

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