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How to eat edibles

When people say edibles lots will automatically think of a ‘pot brownie’. In the age of medical and recreational cannabis, edibles have grown into their own sector of the industry.

Candy, desserts, snacks, honey and just about any other food or drink is available with cannabis infused. These infused treats are known as edibles.

Edibles have a  powerful effect on the body more than smoking would. Consuming THC will be a very different. When you eat an edible both your body and mind will be in altered states. It is common for people to fall asleep or become extremely paranoid after eating an edible. To better prepare anyone curious about edibles here is a simple guide to the experience.

When it comes to picking edibles for you here are a few things to consider…

Type of snack





First, when it comes to picking an edible for yourself consider, what it is you like to eat. Keep an eye out for your favorite snacks. If you chose an edible brownie but you don’t like chocolate, chances are it won’t taste very good. It is imperative you enjoy the edible. If you decide to eat an edible and you don’t like it, set it down. It may have adverse effects.

Next, dosage is key to enjoying your edible experience. When looking for snacks look for low dosage bites. The smaller the dosage the easier it will be to calculate how much to take. If you are a first timer look for edibles that are 5mg or 10mg of THC per bite. If you have eaten edibles before a 20-40 mg edible is a good place to start.

Then, you must factor time into your edible experience. You won’t be able to tell what the edible is doing without allowing enough time for it to set in. To do this you need to wait at least one full hour.  If you do not wait an hour and decide to take more, expect to be overwhelmed or anxious. Edibles are tricky and the only way to test them out is by allowing time for them to kick in.

Dosing and timing go hand in hand. Start off low and take it slow.

Believe it or not, where you take your edible has a huge factor in your experience. For example, you are at a party, it is your first time trying an edible, it may cause you to fall asleep or become paranoid. In order to be fully in control of your experience set your location and surroundings.

Do not take an edible if you have something important to do. Let’s say you ate an edible at nine the morning but you have to go to work at 12. By the time ten o’clock rolls around so does the edible it may be hard to get to work and be productive at work. Edibles will adapt to your situation and state of being. It is important to set the location for your edible experience.

Another, important factor to consider is what you will be doing after eating an edible. Again,do not eat an edible if you have to go to the doctors, go to work, or anything important.  The truth is edibles hit everyone differently. Being in a safe and controlled environment will leave less room for a bad experience. It is recommended to relax or do a planned activity while eating edibles. Activities are a great deal of fun when on edibles. Hitting the beach or hanging in the park are some of our favorite edible activities.

Ultimately, you are in control of your edible experience. These guidelines are the best advice we can give you. From experience eating too much can land you in the hospital. Not waiting for the edible to kick in and eating more is surely going to overwhelm you.

Create a positive setting. If you eat an edible and go into a serious situation the chances of you being paranoid and overwhelmed is very likely. Remember, you are in control  of your edible experience, take the time to understand how you react to edibles. You can always eat more. You can never eat less.

If you eat an edible and start to panic...take a moment. When you start to feel uncomfortable remind yourself you’ve eaten an edible and now you are getting high. Thinking too much and getting too into your head can be dangerous. Avoid this experience by following our guidelines and you will be okay.

Here are a few of our favorite edible brands.

The Good Guys Bakery, a Los Angeles based company. These guys produce some of our favorite edible snacks. They have a selection of goldfish, cookies, candies and even a few vape cartridges. Everything has a great taste and dosing varies per snack. Check out some of their product here.

Kiva Confections prides itself on its consistent quality. Their chocolate bars are tasty and beautiful. With a variety of dosing options you are in total control of your experience. They even offer mints with THC as low as 2.5MG. Take a deeper look into Kiva Confections.  

If you are looking for high THC content treats, look for Enjoyable Edibles. This brand has a variety of snacks and desserts starting at 100 MG of THC. These edibles are for experienced users and have a very strong effect. Great price points for the amount of THC in the edibles.

Edibles are good but tricky. Let Cannacopia guide you to type of strain you need. Knowing if you prefer a sativa over a indica will help you pick the right edible for you. Keep track of the strains you are interested in the Cannacopia app. Within the app you can find dispensaries in your area. Remember you are in control of your experience. Discover Your Bliss.

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