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What Type of Weed Should I Smoke?

Cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja ,reefer etc. So many words, just one thing. Back in the day there was just a few way to use weed, you smoked it or ate it. Today, the possibilities are endless. As recreational weed becomes more available many are curious about what weed will work for them. Like any other product or substance everyone will react differently to marijuana but the basics of it stay the same. This overview of weed will determine what's best for you.


There are four types of weed. Sativa, Indica, Hybrid and CBD. These types of weed are then developed into strains. Strains are specific to the weed type. There are more than 7,500 strains of weed. When it comes to finding weed that works for you it is best to understand your needs. Discovering a strain that works for you is a personal experience, have an open mind and be honest with yourself.


You can tell if a nug is Sativa when it leaves are less dense and its long and tall. Sativa strains will affect the mind more than the body.  It is commonly referred to as the “day time” weed. It's attributes are alert, focused happy and creative. Sativa weed will give you the head high feeling. Popular sativa strains are Sour Diesel and Jack Herer.


When looking at an Indica nug you will notice that its leaves are bushier,shorter and wider. Indica strains will give the feeling of a body high. Indica strains are commonly referred to as the “night time” weed. Its attributes are relaxed and sleepy.  An indica is often used to ease pain. If you are looking for a calm and enjoyable high pick up some GDP or Northern Lights.


Hybrid strains are a cross between a sativa and indica. If indica knocks you out and sativa makes you panic, try a hybrid. The beauty of hybrid strains is that you get a little bit of both. If you are looking for a balanced and focused high pick up some XJ-13 or White Widow.


CBD strains will not have any psychoactive effect. CBD strains are very beneficial for serious medical ailments. They have been known to help with seizures and pain management.  If you are looking to feeling anxiety but do not want to have the “stoned” or “high” feeling you need to find a pure CBD product. You can also get a strains like AC/DC and Sour Tsunami that have CBD attributes crossed with another strain.


You can consume or use cannabis is many ways.

Flower can smoked or rolled out of just about anything. Common ways of smoking flower are pipes, bongs, blunts and joints.  Oil, hash and waxes can be smoked out of rigs or vaping tools.

A  popular and discreet way of smoking is vaping. You can purchase a pre loaded vape pen, refillable cartridges or a vaporizer pen.  

If you don’t want to smoke weed you can eat or infuse it, these are called “edibles”. Edibles range from your average dessert or salty treat to honey and cooking oil. Topicals are lotions, soaps or body products made with cannabis. These are commonly used for physical pain or discomfort.

When you decide what to try, remember to start off small. If you are unsure on how much to take or use, ask a budtender or someone you trust who consumes. Give yourself an hour to see how you react before taking more. Most importantly, enjoy the experience.


With so much information about weed it can still be overwhelming to decide. Luckily, there is a strain finding app called Cannacopia .

Cannacopia allows your to find and explore different strains of weed based on your desired mood, effect, remedy and taste.

Unlike other apps, it eliminates confusion and random experimentation, it allows you to quickly discover a marijuana strain that will provide you with the effects you desire.

Using 4 simple touchscreen buttons, swipe to choose your desired mental mood, physical effects, medical conditions, and taste. Tap GO and Cannacopia displays a strain that best match your choices, as well as a list of licensed medical marijuana dispensaries nearby where the specific strains may be purchased.

With over 7,500 marijuana strains it can be overwhelming and time consuming finding one that will work for you. But with the most up-to-date nationwide database, Cannacopia is a mobile budtender that takes the guess work out of strain hunting.

Cannacopia helps you discover new cannabis strains and products along with the delivery services and collectives that offer them quickly and easily so that you can get back to your life and “Discover Your Bliss!” Download Cannacopia today from iTunes or Google Play!


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