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High Times Go High Tech

The booming marijuana industry has been going high tech in every way possible. From technology-enriched automated farms, hydroponics and strain creation, to cannabinoid concentrates and applications for distillates, the partnership between the cannabis and scientific communities is clear.

At the recent High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, Eaze, a California delivery service unveiled yet another exciting innovative "high"; a cannabis delivery service by drone!

Though the technology may still be years away from being put into use, they demonstrated the "Drone Lifted Experience" to show simple it could be. "The biggest takeaway from the demonstration is how technology is moving the industry forward," says Sheena Shiravi, Eaze's head of public relations. "It's not that far away."

While the legality of drone delivery is still up in the air, the Los Angeles City Council has been empowered by voters, who approved Measure M in March, to set up a framework to legalize delivery — in a way that's consistent with state law. California regulations require any delivery service to be attached to a permitted brick-and-mortar source; supporters of legalizing weed delivery in L.A. say the council could simply permit delivery warehouses to satisfy the state rules.

It's not clear if the city plans to leave the door open to drone-based delivery. But proponents see it as a no-brainer that would take drivers out of the line of fire of cops and criminals. Shiravi says that if the council doesn't open the door to legal delivery services — with the possibility of drones being used in the future — the black market could advance. "If you don't allow for legal delivery, people will do what's easier — often turning to the illicit market."

Clearly, these are exciting times for the cannabis industry, and as marijuana becomes more mainstream, we expect to see more and more high tech innovations in the field. You can be sure I f any of these innovative ideas enhance the delivery of your perfect strains, Cannacopia will be the first to let you know!

Excerpts from Dennis Romero, LA TIMES


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