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Best Edibles to Party

UPLIFT Grapefruit CBD Gummies 


50mg CBD per gummy

Sometimes you want to kick it into high gear. We developed our zingy fruit-forward uplift to elevate your everyday without weighing you down. Each grapefruit gummy has 50mg of CBD, vitamin B, and fewer than 5 calories.

JOY Cannabis Infused Sparkling Tonic


10 mg THC

Bring on your bliss with this euphoric, sativa-like blend of hybrid cannabis, uplifting terpenes and a delightfully upbeat infusion of yerba mate, fresh peppermint and dried lemon peel. Blended with happy thoughts to send you into a space of good vibes, good friends and good times.

* 33 calories per bottle

YOLO CBD Eneregy Shot


50 MG of CBD Per Shot

Caffeine + CBD? Yes Please. One shot of our broad spectrum CBD potion gives you the alertness of coffee, without the jitters. It’s the perfect pregame companion and will get you ready for any social setting. Don't have a wingman to help break the ice? Need a jolt before a networking event or just want a little extra energy after a sleepless night? Sip on this liquid courage and seize the moment.

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